Speak to the People is one of the quests in the main questline of The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal, after "Hunt the Dark Brotherhood." Having hunted down the leadership of the Dark Brotherhood, the Nerevarine will be asked to complete a number of quests for the Tienius Delitian of the Royal Palace.


  • Speak with Tienius Delitian.
    • Accept his request to investigate the rumors surrounding the death of King Llethan.
  • Investigate the rumors.
    • Ask the population of Mournhold about "King Llethan's Death."
  • Return to Delitian.
  • Obtain a copy of The Common Tongue.
  • Return to Delitian.


With the Dark Brotherhood no longer troubling the Nerevarine, they must now speak with Tienius Delitian in the Royal Palace. Delitian will ask that the Hero investigate the numerous rumors surrounding the former King Llethan and his death. Delitian suggests that the Nerevarine asks the people in Mournhold about the King's death, although Delitian believes that the Nerevarine will have to make the people trust them before they will speak, this can be done by raising the person's disposition towards the Hero.

Deathly RumoursEdit

Around Mournhold, the Nerevarine will find numerous people, and numerous rumors. However, raising the disposition of any one of those asked will reveal a rumor about King Helseth poisoning his predecessor. The Nerevarine will receive a journal entry after this and must return to Delitian.

The Common TongueEdit

Delitian will be grateful for the Nerevarine's recent findings, but will ask for more information. He suggests that the Nerevarine obtain a copy of The Common Tongue, a broadsheet with articles that criticize the current King. The Nerevarine will find numerous copies of the broadsheet lying around Mournhold, and simply has to return a copy to Delitian to complete the quest.


Speak to the People
ID Journal Entry
1Tienius Delitian, Helseth's Captain of the Guards, wants to know the source of rumors about King Llethan's death. I will have to speak to people, and earn their trust, then see how they speak about King Llethan's death.
  • Quest accepted
50Someone told me of reading in a broadside sheet called "The Common Tongue" that Helseth poisoned many people in the West. The suggestion seems to be that Helseth has poisoned Athyn Llethan. I should report this to Tienius Delitian.
100I told Tienius Delitian that a possible source of rumors about King Llethan's death was a broadside sheet called "The Common Tongue."
110I gave Tienius Delitian a copy of "The Common Tongue," a possible source of rumors about King Llethan's death. Tienius Delitian seemed pleased with my work. He will mention my loyal services and exceptional qualities to King Helseth, and he says he might find further employment for me.
  • Quest complete
1Ravani Llethan, King Llethan's widow, told me she read in a broadside sheet called 'The Common Tongue' that Helseth poisoned many people in the West. From this the suggestion is that Helseth has poisoned her husband, Athyn Llethan.


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