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  • Bio Are you an artist or a writer? Maybe a musician? Would you like to make images and concept art for a brand new fantasy universe? Write stories, songs or myths? Would you like to join our group? Feel free to contact me in my talkpage or kik (username below).

    Important: I am in charge of The Elder Scrolls Wiki guild for ESO PS4 platform EU server. If you want to join, kik me or write your PSN username in this post,

    Name: Amulet of Kings (You can call me Amulet or AoK)

    Gender: Uh... Amulet?

    TES games: Arena, Daggerfall, Battlespire, Redguard, Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, ESO (currently playing), Legends

    Status: Inactive

    Short biography: Some years ago I bought Skyrim. It was a game that marked me. I was very inmersed with the lore behind it, so about two years later I decided to play other TES games. Now I want to share my knowledge and learn more by using Wikia. I hope you enjoy my posts!

    Contact: AmuletofKings (kik)

    College of Winterhold
    Order of the Ancestor Moth

    March Discussions Member of the Month
    Former Forum Moderator

    Weekly lore series:
    Archive by Angvard:
    #1 Crowns and Forebears:
    #2 King Hlaalu Helseth:
    #3 Barbas:
    #4 Lorkhan:
    #5 Khajiit culture:
    #6 Hists:
    #7 Psijic Order:
    #8 part 1 The Reman Empire:
    #8 part 2 The Reman Empire:
    #9 Dwemer:
    #10 special Amulet of Kings:
    #11 Bestiarium:
    #12 Orsinium:
    #13 Lyg:
    #14 The Elder Scrolls:
    #15 Dragon War:
    #16 Silvenar:
    #17 Adamantine Tower:
    #18 Tribunal Temple:
    #19 All Flags Navy:
    #20 finale Mannimarco:

    Forgotten lore:
    #1 Playable races:
    #2 Aetherius:
    #3 Recurring characters:
    #4 The Underking:

    Random interesting posts:
    Government and succesion:
    Most relevant decisions:
    About Dwemer:
    Final fate of the heroes:
    Question for Stormcloack supporters:
    Scariest TES game:
    Sentient mortal races:
    End of an Era:
    Redguard reference:
    Origin of Bretons:
    Common misconceptions:
    Dark Brotherhood:
    Second Orsinium:
    Mini Dragon Break in Bangkorai:
    Must reads:
    Captain Ione:
    Comparison between TES and WF:
    Why the Last Dragonborn is actually the last Dragonborn:
    The Elder Scrolls novels ending:
    How to play The Elder Scrolls Travels games on Windows:
    Possible plot for TES VI (aka TES III*II):

    Useful links:
    Discussions policy:
    Name change:
    Need help?:
    A guide to editing:
    An insight about moderating tools:

    Rumor has it the Psijic Order is looking for new members. Look under the two moons for further guidance.

    And now his watch is ended.
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