Poisoned apples

  • I live in a very hard locked barrel in Fort Farragut
  • I am Speaker for the Black Hand
  • Bio What is the colour of night?
    Welcome home.

    "A poison stew, eh? I was always partial to apples myself."

    "The apple has been treated with a most deadly poison. It will likely kill whomever eats it, probably instantly. To use the apple, simply dispose of any other food and put the apple in its place. If someone is inclined to eat, and they taste the apple...death."

    About myself:

    Hi, I'm Poisoned Apples (pls pretend the 'a' in 'apples' is capitalized) but you can also call me PA or Apples for short. Or Poisoned. Whatever floats your boat.

    I've been on the wiki since January of 2017, and am your friendly neighbourhood TES Wiki News Team member.

    I live in New Zealand and probably always will. It's Middle-earth on Earth.

    I'm also into art, both digital and traditional, animation style and fine art style. Take a gander:

    Instagram (TES art and sketches):

    Almalexia, Mother Morrowind (digital)

    The Rift (acrylic)

    Dragonheart (digital)

    Al-Esh and Chim-el Adabal (digital)

    Discord: Poisoned Apples#0674
    Talk Page:

    The Lore Post of Legend:

    After the Fire, Before the Storm: in which the Hero of Kvatch comes out of the ashes of the fires of Oblivion a different person and must prepare for the coming storm

    Part One - The Gate:

    Part Two - The Stones:

    Part Three - The Missing Pages:

    Part Four - The Third Dominion:

    Part Five - The Green Fire:

    Part Six - The Unsent Message:

    Part Seven - The Kiss Goodbye:

    Part Eight - The Crumbling Wall:

    Part Nine - The Stone's Vision:

    Part Ten - The Escape:

    Part Eleven - The Void Nights:

    Part Twelve - A New Life:

    Part Thirteen - The Storm Crown:

    Part Fourteen - The Book of Dragons:

    Part Fifteen - The Omens in the Clouds:

    Part Sixteen - The Gathering Storm:

    Part Seventeen - The Fire Sparks:

    Part Eighteen - The Scholar of Falinesti:

    Part Nineteen (Finale) - Death of the Dragonheart:

    The Calenind Family - the story from beginning to end:


    Who was Lucien Lachance?

    Q: "Does Lucien Lachance sing to himself when he's alone in Fort Farragut?"
    "Mostly he just whistles and does jazz hands."
    -Wes Johnson on Twitter, 11/12/2014, 10:42 pm


    "Fantasy is escapist, and that is it's glory. If a soldier is imprisoned by the enemy, don't we consider it his duty to escape?"

    "Never be cruel, never be cowardly. And never ever eat pears!"
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