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    Blood on my sword, your rapture I feel
    Desire of pain, the light shall remain
    Suffering screaming, raping my breath
    Summoning of terror, stained with blood
    Graveworm: Nocturnal Hymns

    I'm not afraid to die, I'm afraid I'll live, and watch you suffer....forever
    Thy Art is Murder: The will know another
    Alone in the forest of shadows 
    Without one path to go 
    I was left alone 
    At the path of my faith 
    Struggling against the wind 
    Walking through deep snow 
    A silent voice in your head 
    Therefore you must die
    Graveworm: Abandoned by Heaven

    DEADRIC LORD OF MADNESS. Not even jyggalag can control me
    Busy doing the Fishstick

    At one point I was ranked In wiki for edits at 666, and had 420 points at the same time

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    "Beyond the darkness - reflecting shadows
    In trail of nightmare
    I hear the nocturnal hymns of the death

    Forever silence - dreaming winter
    In trails of nightmare
    I feel the nocturnal hymns of red blood"

    Character backstory: Check out this Discussion post on Fandom

    TES VI idea
    Ok. People keep asking for where the new location will be, and I have an idea that will put all others to rest (except the inhabitable marsh).

    I do believe is I have read and heard correctly that the second great war will take place in all provinces (possibly including the shores of black marsh, but I hope not)

    So the protagonist has 3 options here: jail or join the fight, the good guys or the bad guys. The player will advance through the ranks once they have completed the missions needed to in each province, also doing side quests for different factions (DB, TG, Companions or the FG, or the Morag tong) associated with each area. Each area completed will also advance rank for said faction

    Now comes the tricky part. The 2 sides of the war. That means 2 different outcomes. That means a game they will encourage people to play multiple times. Many variations of this could exist as maybe the protagonist could only join one faction per game.

    Inevitably this is just an idea, but who knows maybe that is why bethesda is taking so long to release the next game and why it is kept so hush hush. They know that skyrim was big but rushed in areas, and they are working to make the game better than skyrim
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