Speechcraft Training is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The Master Trainer for Speechcraft is Tandilwe, in the Temple of the One in the Imperial City Temple District.


To receive training from Tandilwe and begin this quest, the Hero must have a Speechcraft skill of 70 or higher and speak with Gruiand Garrana in The Great Chapel of Arkay or Varon Vamori in Bravil, speak to Tandilwe, then speak to every beggar in Cyrodiil.

Complete List of BeggarsEdit

There are nineteen beggars: five in the Imperial City and two each in the other major cities. A conversation only needs to be started with each one, no dialogue or topic needs to be selected. Previous conversations with beggars count towards this quest (such as those the Hero has talked to for Thieves Guild quests) and do not need to be talked to again.

Be aware that no beggars may be killed while this quest is active. This restriction includes casting Frenzy spells on the beggars as they will attack the guards, effectively causing them to commit suicide. No bounty will be incurred for doing so, but Tandilwe will blame the beggar's death on the Hero regardless. Any beggars who had been killed prior to the start of this quest will not cause any penalty on the Hero; they're simply removed from the list of beggars that must be met, potentially making this quest easier.

Name Disease(s) City Location
Penniless Olvus Brown Rot Anvil Just east of Anvil Main Gate
Imus the Dull Ataxia On the Dock of the Gold Coast, behind the Flowing Bowl
Wretched Aia Collywobbles Bravil Southwest of the Lonely Suitor Lodge or by the Main Gate
Cosmus the Cheat Chills Sleeps behind The Fair Deal
Jorck the Outcast Rust Chancre Bruma South Bruma, behind Arnora's House
Fetid Jofnhild Rattles Northwest Bruma, near the castle
Bruccius the Orphan Rockjoint Cheydinhal Sleeps in the area behind the Mages and Fighters guilds
Luckless Lucina Serpiginous Dementia Sleeps in the southwest corner of Cheydinhal near the house for sale
Nermus the Mooch Wither Chorrol West of Chorrol Fighters Guild back door behind big boulders
Lazy Kaslowyn Swamp Fever West of southwest wall tower
Fralav the Faker Black-Heart Blight Imperial City Elven Gardens District; sleeps behind Fathis Ules' House
Simplicia the Slow Helljoint Market District; sleeps behind A Fighting Chance
No-Coins Draninus Collywobbles Talos Plaza District; sleeps behind Ulen Athram's House
Ragbag Buntara Swamp Fever Temple District; sleeps behind Pennus Mallius' House
Puny Ancus Yellow Tick Waterfront District; sleeps behind Methredhel's House
Deeh the Scalawag Yellow Tick Leyawiin Sleeps west of Five Claws Lodge
Rancid Ra'dirsha Witless Pox
Blood Lung
South-southwest of Leyawiin Mages Guild
Nigidius the Needy Red Rage
Brain Rot
Skingrad Sleeps west of West Weald Inn
Foul Fagus Bone Brake Fever
Southeast of West Weald Inn


Speechcraft Training – TrainingSpeechcraft
IDJournal Entry
10If I want to learn more about Speechcraft, I need to seek out Tandilwe at the Temple of the One in the Imperial City.
20I need to speak with every beggar in Cyrodiil before Tandilwe will agree to train me.
100Tandilwe has agreed to train me in Speechcraft.
  • Quest complete
200Tandilwe has refused to ever train me, since one of the beggars has been killed.
  • Quest complete
255Tandilwe is dead. I have lost my chance to be taught more about Speechcraft.
  • Quest complete


  • Even if the quest is marked as complete, new entries may still be received for it.
  • It is possible to use the console to advance through the quest by entering setstage TrainingSpeechcraft stage, where stage is the number of the stage you wish to complete. It is not possible to un-complete (i.e. go back) quest stages. See quest commands for more information.
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