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Spellcrafting is a planned feature for The Elder Scrolls Online. It was originally introduced at Quakecon 2014,[1] but has since been postponed to an indefinite time after 2016.[2]

Creating SpellsEdit

Locating TabletsEdit

Spellcrafting ESO Ancient Doorway

An Ancient Doorway in an Ayleid ruin

A unique spell that conjures a ball of light can be used to locate tablets. It is quite fast and will traverse terrain all the way to the location, and can be cast again if it has travelled too far ahead. It will stop when it reaches an Ancient Doorway, usually in an Ayleid ruin, which will lead into an ancient classroom.[1]

Within the classroom, there will be a magical tablet with purple smoke rising from it. The tablets are quite old, and are sometimes not completely intact. They each teach different spells and can be found all around Tamriel. The tablets may vary in quality, some being made from marble or runestone.[1]

Tracing TabletsEdit

Spellcrafting ESO Charcoal Complete

A tablet after being traced

The tablets are inscribed with the language that is shared with the runes of the Enchanting system. A tracing paper will be placed on the tablet, to which you must scrub charcoal upon in order to copy the tablet's information.[1]

Learning SpellsEdit

Spellcrafting ESO Learn Ice Spell

An Ice spell is learned

When a spell's information is complete, it will be placed into a portfolio, with the spell tablet tracing on the left and the spell result drawn on the right. When activated anywhere in Tamriel, a spell-specific animation will occur, and you will learn the spell's attributes.[1]

Crafting SpellsEdit

Spellcrafting ESO Crafting UI

UI for crafting a spell

At a spellcrafting station, the tablet effect is displayed in the middle. On the right, there are six spell categories to have applied to the spells: Base, Ultimate, Enduring, Reduce Cost, Ritual, and AOE (Area of Effect).[1]

When a spell is partnered with one of the categories, the resulting spell will have the special keyword applied to it when cast. For example, putting "enduring" with "conjure flame atronach" will produce a permanent Flame Atronach follower, while combining it with AOE will have the atronach surrounded by a ring of flames when cast.[1]


The following are spell attributes currently revealed:[1]

  • Lightning Bolt (Destruction)
  • Conjure Flame Atronach (Conjuration)
  • Oakflesh (Alteration)
  • Muffle (Illusion)
  • Conjure Familiar (Conjuration)
  • Ice Cloak (Destruction)


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