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Spells are types of skills in The Elder Scrolls: Blades and act as a combat feature that use magicka and apply status effects to enemies. Spells can also be used against the Fugitive in combat by various characters and creatures including dragons, necromancers, and casters. Different enemies will have unique and different animations or ways they move while performing certain spells. For example, dragons have unique spells where they fly up into the air and breath elemental damage while being immune to physical attacks. Spell ranks can be increased by equipping enchanted jewelry and can be permanently improved upon by spending skill points.

Effects[edit | edit source]

The effects of spells typically deal elemental damage among other conditions such as avoiding damage with a ward; negating damage with an ice shield; healing; and stunning, paralysing, or blinding a target. Spells do not require weapons or shields to cast but, unlike most abilities, will require time to cast, giving the enemy time to counter. Spells can be countered simply by damaging the caster as they prepare the spell.

List of spells[edit | edit source]

Fireball Absorb
Poison Cloud Consuming Inferno Lightning Bolt Resist Elements Frostbite
Blind Wall of Fire Delayed Lightning Bolt Ward Ice Spike
Paralyze Thunderstorm Blizzard Armor
Magicka Surge Echo Weapon
Note: The above table displays spells top-down. The game may display it bottom-up while also matching the prerequisites. All abilities, perks, and skills in require only the initial unlock cost to unlock the next, even if they are connected to two prior branches. They are only connected vertically in this table.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Enemies are effective at countering spells and will often change abilities mid-move to counter a setup by the Fugitive. Some, such as undead enemies, do not counter well or have little variance between attacks, making them vulnerable to receiving damage and status effects from spells.

However, goblins, mercenaries, bandits, and some other enemies can be less predictable, requiring the Fugitive to be more precise and better choreograph their opponent in order to successfully cast spells. Countering enemy spells requires different tactics in every fight, as a goblin may save or chain skills to use particular skills as the counter to certain spells or abilities.

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