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"Spider Daedra are the servants of Mephala, taking the form of spider-humanoid centaurs, with a upper head, torso, and arms of human proportions, mounted on the eight legs and armored carapace of a giant spider. Unfortunately, these Daedra are so fierce and irrational that they cannot be trusted to heed the commands of the Spinner. As a consequence, few sorcerers are willing to either summon or bind such creatures in Morrowind."

Spider Daedra are one of the tougher Daedra types the Hero will find in the planes of Oblivion (starting at level 17). They are in the upper tier of the Daedra hierarchy.

Spider Daedra are commonly found around open Oblivion gates or inside Oblivion. They primarily attack by spitting a shock-based spell, though their melee attack is also powerful. They are extremely fast and agile in open terrain. Permanently bound spider Daedra also summon spiderlings when in combat, which are smaller identical versions of themselves with a paralyzing attack. If the Spider Daedra is killed, the spiderlings are also destroyed. Summoned spider Daedra do not summon Spiderlings.

General statsEdit

Beast oblivion spiderdaedra



  • Ability to heal themselves
  • Ranged shock attack
  • Poison spit lesser power (damages health and attribute on touch)
  • Immunity to paralysis
  • Summon Daedra spiderlings that can cause paralysis


Damage typesEdit

  • Physical
  • Magical

Soul levelEdit

  • Greater (1,200)




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