The Spiral Skein,[1] also known as Mephala's Web or simply Mephala's Realm, is the plane of Oblivion ruled by Mephala. It is set to be a DLC area in The Elder Scrolls Online, purchasable in the Crown Store.[citation needed]

Inaccessible to mortals, the realm of Mephala is believed by most to be intricate and woven together in the form of a web/wheel, which is centered around the tower known as The Pillar Palace of Mephala, though its true name is too awful to be uttered. Between the tower and the edges of the wheel, there are eight spokes. These spokes or strands are known as The Eight Strands of Skein, for which each are based on sins such as sex or assassination, Mephala's category of ruling.[1][UL 1]

The first spoke/strand is a cavern devoted to lies, filled with pedestals pretending to hold up the sky. The second is made up of cramped chambers representing envy. The third is maggot-filled grottoes filled with glowing lights, representing seduction. The fourth contains eternally dark tunnels representing fear and dread. The fifth are halls without rules and filled with betrayal. The sixth, an arena of murder. The seventh space is home to arcades of avarice and appetite, containing all things mortals would kill or die for. The eighth is a flaming skein of fury, representing the death that comes to all mortals, and therefore where all treasure lies.[1]

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