Split is located north of the Hill of Suicides and south of Overlook Road. The town earned its name due to it being "split" into two halves, one resembling the brighter attitude of Mania, and the other representing the darkness of Dementia. Not only has the town been affected, but its town members have also been split into two individuals.


The town was turning into what it is now by a mage that had a theory about everybody in the Shivering Isles having both Mania and Dementia in them. The mage decided to test this out by casting a spell that would separate the two parts of a person. The spell worked but the mage, for whatever reason, did not undo the effects and instead left.

The citizens of the town have no love for their counterparts, each half believes life would be better if the other left, but are unable to do anything about it. They fear that by killing "themselves" they would end up on the Hill of Suicides.


The Great DivideEdit

Both halves of the town have been looking for a way to fix their problems and remove the counterparts. It has already been decided by both sides that the only way to fix this is to get somebody from the outside to kill the others, this way it would not be "suicide."



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