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The Spriggan Earth Mother is a powerful variant of the Spriggan that is introduced with The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard.

Physical appearance[]

A Spriggan Earth Mother is distinguishable from a Spriggan Matron by a difference in its coloration. The areas that are orange on a Spriggan Matron are purple on the Spriggan Earth Mother.


Spriggan Earth Mothers, as one would expect, use stronger variations of typical Spriggan attacks.


Spriggan Earth Mothers will appear in the following locations with Dawnguard installed.



  • The Earth Mother retains the purple coloration on the interior of its body after death, as opposed to regular Spriggans and Spriggan Matrons, which will lose their respective tints and return to a basic wood appearance.
  • Their title, Earth Mother, may be a reference to nature goddesses, like Gaea or Mother Nature.


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  •  PS3   A Spriggan Earth Mother may freeze in place and become impossible to harm.