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Spriggan Matrons are generally seen within the heavily forested areas and natural caves of Skyrim. They are usually accompanied by one or two spriggans and/or bears or wolves that keep their opponent busy while they swoop in for their attack. They may be identified by their golden halo effect and taller, more muscular form, in contrast to the green halo and slender silhouette of a regular spriggan.


Speculation abounds about their origin, often in relation to the Aedroth, Kynareth, as spriggan matrons protect Skyrim's natural sanctuaries.


Spriggan matrons are able to completely restore their health multiple times, unlike the normal spriggans, which only fully regenerate their health once. This makes slashing them to death in standard fashion a decidedly tedious chore.


They are said to have a 40% weakness to fire and often seem to collapse almost immediately under a concentrated fire attack.


They cast Leaf Blast, Call Creature, and Heal spells.



  • Spriggan Matrons seem to have an effect attributable to their attacks known as "Spriggan Poison" described in the Active Effects menu as "Saplike poison does 0 points of damage for 10 seconds."


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