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St. Delyn Potter's Hall is a location in Vivec, St. Delyn's Canton. It is a shop specialized on selling all sorts of pottery and glassware, some of it produced in-house. It is accessed from the plaza of St. Delyn's Canton, and features a lower level which serves as living quarters.


The place features two levels. The actual shop is situated on the upper floor, the lower floor serves as living quarters presumably for the owner and workers. The shop itself is crowded with various types of pottery and glassware. A pottery kiln with a redware bowl actually sitting in the blaze suggests that some of the merchandise is produced here. There is also a tiny storeroom at the back.

The living quarters below consist of a hall serving as dining room and two bedrooms, one with two small, the other with one large bed. The premises look comfortable and well cared for.


The three Dunmer residing in the actual shop are clearly associated with it. Dolyn Rols and Gomeso Sarano are merchants, and Rilos Delms in his ragged looking working clothes standing beside a pottery kiln acts most likely as the potter for the place.

The connection between the place and the four individuals residing in the living quarters below to the shop is less clear. It cannot be determined whether their relation to the St. Delyn Potter's Hall is of professional or personal nature.


Notable itemsEdit

Since the St. Delyn Potter's Hall is unique in terms of his merchandise specialization on pottery, the displayed products are listed below in the category "Glassware and Pottery."

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