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St. Olms Yngling Manor is a one-floor manor located in St. Olms Plaza, home to Yngling Half-Troll and some of his servants.


St. Olms Yngling ManorEdit

This manor is the largest house at St. Olms Plaza, mostly because it's occupied by an important member of House Hlaalu. Still, only the house owner has a private room, and his servants meet the guests at an entry hallway.

There are some books on the shelf near the entrance and some potions inside Yngling's bedroom, as well as some random Expensive or Extravagant clothes in drawers.

St. Olms Yngling Manor BasementEdit

The basement can be reached through a locked door down a flight of stairs.



Hlaalu HortatorEdit

Yngling's LedgerEdit

During this Thieves Guiild quest given by Gentleman Jim Stacey and connected to the Bal Molagmer, the Nerevarine must find proof of Yngling Half-Troll's corruption. Yngling's Ledger, located at the manor's basement, serves as evidence of his dishonest activities.

Notable itemsEdit


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