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St. Veloth's Hostel is located atop the city of Molag Mar, in the Molag Amur region of Morrowind. The hostel's owner has a small quantity of ingredients for sale, but the hostel's rooms are occupied and there are no beds available for rent. There is little of interest here, and no quests lead the Nerevarine to this location.

Description[edit | edit source]

Proprietor Orns Omaren stands behind a counter selling ingredients near the hostel entrance. There is a small locked chest that contains 25 gold and requires 25 security to pick on the nearby shelf. The room contains a few tables and chairs, as well as pilgrims Goron Lleran and Tadara Indaram, and commoner Menelin. In the southwest corner of the room is the door to a small storage area that contains a sack with a hundred gold. In the southeast corner of the room is a long staircase leading down to the basement.

There are a few people but nothing of interest downstairs. Bard Geor Matreinace loiters at the bottom of the staircase in a room with two doors, a reading table, and a shelf containing several common books. Behind the north door is hunter Gudling the Rascal. A crusader by the name of Stenet is in the eastern room.

Characters[edit | edit source]

The following people are located at St. Veloth's Hostel:

Items[edit | edit source]

The following items can be found at the hostel:

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  • 25 Gold (in a small locked chest)
  • 100 Gold (in a sack)
  • Miscellaneous Items (cups, plates, bottles, etc.)
  • Randomised Items (inside containers/sacks)

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