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Stables are located outside major cities and offer horses for sale. Note that stealing a horse will result in a bounty.

Oblivion[edit | edit source]

Horse Whisperer Stables in Cheydinhal.

For an alphabetical list of stables, see Category:Oblivion: Stables.

Stables are a place to leave your horse as you shop in the city. The map marker of a stable is the same as that of an inn.

Skyrim[edit | edit source]

Stable sign in Skyrim.

For an alphabetical list of stables, see Category:Skyrim: Stables.

Skyrim offers horses of five different colors. All of the horses are identical in stats and all cost 1000 Gold.

Online[edit | edit source]

For an alphabetical list of stables, see Category:Online: Stables.
Main article: Stables (Online)

Stables are where one can purchase horses, as well as train their overall mount skills.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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