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The Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson is a unique mage staff that can be used to cast Lightning Bolt. It used to belong to Jyrik Gauldurson, although he did not use it in combat.


  • Target takes 25 points of damage, and twice as much Magicka damage.


It can be found in the final boss room in Saarthal during the quest "Under Saarthal."


  • The recharge capacity of this staff is the same as common soul gems' recharge capacity.
  • This staff has a very high firing rate. Most staves require the Dragonborn to hold the attack button a short time before release, whereas this one has a much shorter required time.
  • This is the only Destruction staff that uses the model of a Restoration staff.
  • Tolfdir may pick up this staff during combat. He will sell it, however.
  • It is also possible for a follower to pick up the staff. However, one can get it for free by trading with them.
  • The staff is unique from regular shock spells due to it dealing twice as much Magicka damage than regular damage, instead of only half.
  • Oddly, the staff description does not mention that it deals shock damage, when it clearly shoots electricity.
  • Even if wearing apparel that reduces the cost of casting Destruction spells by 100%, the staff still requires recharging.
  • Since the staff does 50 points of Magicka damage per second, it is ideal for when mages run out of Magicka and want to reduce their enemy's Magicka pool.


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  • The staff potentially cannot be stored in a display case; if it is placed in one it will appear floating in the air nearby.
  •  360   It is possible for Jyrik Gauldurson to use this staff against the Dragonborn.
  • It may be impossible to pick up. If so, use Unrelenting Force or a spell that moves objects and then the 'take' option will appear.


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