Staff of Magnus (Morrowind) is a powerful Staff weapon. Named after the God of Magic, Magnus, this weapon is one of the oldest artifacts in Tamriel [1].


The staff of Magnus is considered to be a "metaphysical battery of sorts for its creator, Magnus. When used, it absorbs an enemy's health and mystical energy." It is said that, "in time, the staff will abandon the mage who wields it before he becomes too powerful and upsets the mystical balance it is sworn to protect" [1]. The Staff itself has appeared in four of the five main elder scrolls games to date, with The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion being the only one it did not appear in.

Role in history

The Nerevarine needed to recover the staff for a member of the Balmora Mages Guild. Afterward, the staff was needed for filling the museum of Godsreach.




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