Staff of Towers in Vault of Moawita

Staff of Towers

The Staff of Towers is a highly powerful magical artifact that was created in the First Era during or shortly before the Alessian Slave Rebellion by the Ayleid archmage Anumaril.[1] The staff consisted of eight segments, each being a semblance of a Tower in its Dance.[2]


Some time after its creation it was dismantled, and seven of its segments were hidden by White-Gold Knights in distant Fold-Places. The last segment, also known as Segment One, remained with Anumaril.[2]

After the Rebellion Anumaril fled along with other Ayleids to Valenwood. They were welcomed by the Green-Sap's Elves as long as they agreed not to dissonate the greensong and all the Heartland High Elves agreed to this except for Anumaril. He asked the Great Camoran to show him the Green-Sap. Within the great graht he found his desire—Perchance Acorn. He then attempted to convert the region into a new home for the Ayleids by plunging Segment One into the acorn. This resulted in stopping the Elden Tree from moving by turning its perchance acorn into a definite acorn, but it was not enough to convert the tree.[2]

In the 6th sentury of the Second Era time breaches started to appear across Tamriel. Loremaster Celarus and Josajeh of Psijic Order ascertained that the Staff of Towers was the cause for the appearance of breaches.[1] The scryers of the Psijic Order were able to detect the fragments of the staff by studying the collision of tonal waves near the breaches which could be observed with the help of the Vestige, who placed the Psijic Seals in most of the provinces. After the discovery of fragments' location the Vestige collected them, and they formed a staff, as the fragments could not be contained separately because some force kept on drawing them back together.[3] Subsequently, after the staff's assembly, Josajeh stole it to change various events in the past. Her plan was thwarted by the Vestige, who defeated Josajeh from alternative timelines. After that the staff was recovered and placed in the Vault of Moawita on Artaeum.[4]

Segments of the StaffEdit

The eight fragments are located in places of Aurbic importance:[3]

Image Name Description Location Region
Adamantine Fragment Adamantine This unnaturally heavy length of metal must be part of the Staff of Towers [sic] [Do not change this to Towers. as this missing punctuation is how it appears in-game.] Pelin Graveyard Bangkorai
Orichalc Fragment Orichalc This lenght of enchanted metal features a rough-hewn Orichalc shard at one end. This must be part of the Staff of Towers. Leki's Blade Alik'r Desert
Crystal Fragment Crystal The crystal attached to this staff fragment pulses with arcane might. This must be part of the Staff of Towers. Hatching Pools Shadowfen
Walk-Brass Fragment Walk-Brass A masterfully-crafted lenght of metal affixed to a hunk of polished brass. This must be part of the Staff of Towers. Fang Spires Deshaan
Red Fragment Red This heavy lenght of ash-covered metal is affixed to a red stone and warm to the touch. This must be part of the Staff of Towers. Brothers of Strife Stonefalls
White-Gold Fragment White-Gold This magnificent head-piece to the Staff of Towers resembles the White-Gold tower in Cyrodiil. Weeping Giant Stormhaven
Green-Sap Fragment Green-Sap The deep green stone attached to this lenght of metal emits a gentle whistle, like wind through the trees. It must be part of the Staff of Towers. Greenheart Greenshade
Snow Throat Fragment Snow Throat A polished marble jewel sits atop this frigid lenght of metal. It must be part of the Staff of Towers. Spellscar Craglorn




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