The Staff of Worms is a staff owned by Mannimarco, the King of Worms.


It can be found on Mannimarco's body after he is killed during the "Confront the King" quest. It appears to be a rotting skull held by three skeletal hands.


It re-animates dead NPCs for 30 seconds. They will glow purple and have purple eyes. Re-animated characters will attack any target hostile to the Hero, using all the skills and powers they used whilst alive (such as the Mythic Dawn armor).

It has not been determined whether the Staff of Worms was the source of Mannimarco's powers, as the King of Worms commonly refers to reanimating individuals, and the activity is his forte. Disappointingly, however, the staff cannot create Worm Thralls that could remain in the mortal realm permanently, and so the Hero cannot create an army of the undead as Mannimarco did. Moreover, reanimated targets have a short life, thus it is impractical to resurrect each "fallen" dead follower in a battle.

Still, it can be used to resurrect a killed enemy target and allow a quick escape. The staff also can be used many times, unlike most other staffs, and it can help one with a low conjuration skill.


  • This staff only works on humanoid targets.
  • Any NPCs found already dead only seem to have one HP upon being reanimated.
  • Killing a NPC originally found dead counts as murder.
  • NPCs have all skills that they would normally have if they were alive.
  • A reanimated guard will still attempt to arrest the Hero if a crime is committed and/or attack the player should living guards do the same upon resisting arrest.
  • The spell Risen Flesh has the same effect.
  • Any vampires reanimated without their Vampire Dust will spawn a new one.
  • Any dremora reanimated without their heart will spawn a new one.
  • This staff is probably the most powerful staff in the game, with a charge of 5000 and 227 uses. The staff Apotheosis, for example, which does 33 points Fire, Frost and Shock damage each, has a charge of 3000 and 10 uses.
  • Reanimated followers cannot follow the Hero into a city nor can they be interacted with. Sometimes however, they may say their greetings.


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