Staff of Zombies is a staff found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Reanimates a single weak dead body for 60 seconds. The resurrected corpse fights for the summoner, the way a conjured being would. Once the 60 seconds have passed the reanimated corpse will turn into a pile of ashes. The staff also has a limited amount of uses like any other staff, but can be recharged with a soul gem.



The staff can be crafted with the Dragonborn DLC. It requires the following components:


The staff can be very useful when looting dungeons without a large carry capacity. To do this, items can be stored into a weak dead body (plentiful in most dungeons), and then the corpse reanimated. The zombie will them follow the Dragonborn anywhere, even fast traveling back to the Dragonborn's home. Once they drop dead again, all the stored items can then be retrieved from the corpse.


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 360   PS3   Sometimes, the body won't turn into a pile of ash, allowing the Dragonborn to reuse the body.


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