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Stalhrim Armor is a set of heavy and light armor that appears in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.


Stalhrim armor pieces will begin to appear throughout Solstheim at level 35. These locations include:


Stalhrim armor pieces requires completion of the quest "A New Source of Stalhrim," a Smithing level of 80 and the Ebony Smithing perk to create. Pieces can be forged at a blacksmith's forge with the following components:

Pieces can be upgraded with a piece of Stalhrim at a workbench and also benefit from the Ebony Smithing perk, which doubles the improvement.


Due to Stalhrim's innate properties, the resist frost enchantment is 25% stronger when placed on armor pieces crafted from it. This effect is identical to the enchanting perk "Frost Enchanter."

Attributes by pieceEdit

Heavy armorEdit

Piece ArmorIcon WeightIcon GoldIcon Stalhrim Quicksilver Ingot Leather Strips ID
Stalhrim Armor 46 38 2,200 6 1 3 xx01cd9f
Stalhrim Boots 17 7 450 4 1 2 xx01cd9e
Stalhrim Gauntlets 17 7 450 3 1 2 xx01cda0
Stalhrim Helm 22 7 1,135 4 1 2 xx01cda1
Total 102 59 4,235 17 4 9

Light armorEdit

Piece ArmorIcon WeightIcon GoldIcon Stalhrim Steel Ingot Leather Strips ID
Stalhrim Light Armor 39 7 925 5 1 3 xx01cda2
Stalhrim Light Boots 11.5 2 215 3 1 2 xx01cd7e
Stalhrim Light Bracers 11.5 2 215 2 1 2 xx01cda5
Stalhrim Light Helmet 16.5 2 465 3 1 2 xx01cda3
Stalhrim Shield 29.5 10 600 4 1 1 xx026237
Total (with shield) 108 23 2,420 17 5 10
Total (without shield) 78.5 13 1,820 13 4 9


Deathbrand Armor – A unique variant of the light set, which is linked to the quest "Deathbrand." The enchantments of each piece is amplified by wearing more pieces of the set.


  • Stalhrim Armor first appeared in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon as Ice Armor.
  • A Frost Enchantment will have a greater effect on all Stalhrim items, save for the cuirass, on which no such enchantments can be placed.
  • Unlike the dual variant dragon armor, there are very few design differences between the light and heavy versions of this armor type. The only major differences being the type of horns used on the helmets and the lack of a heavy shield. 

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