Template:SkyrimNPCs Stalleo[note 1] is a Nord. He can be found outside on the east side of Treva's Watch that begins the quest Infiltration, his appearance is radiant. Even after the quest is completed, he can often be found in the campsite just outside the fort.


Stalleo once lived with his family in Treva's Watch, their personal castle. After High King Torygg died there was bad blood between Stalleo and his rival Brurid. Eventually he along with his men left to help in the ongoing war between the Imperials and rebel Stormcloaks. While doing so, Brurid and a larger group of bandits took over his castle. Stalleo mentions that he attempted retaking the castle with his men, but it went "sour" as he describes it to the Dragonborn. All that's left of his men is Stalleo himself and two of his bodyguards.



The Dragonborn is asked to infitrate Treva's Watch and help Stalleo and his bodyguards re-take the fort.


  • Stalleo's family can be found dead in a pile inside Treva's Watch, although Stalleo asks about the whereabouts of his family the option to tell them they're dead does not come up.
    • Quest also doesn't update upon finding the pile of Nord bodies in the cellars.
  • When arriving at the campsite, Stalleo and his bodyguards are found dead by a tree just above the campsite. This prevents the player from getting the quest "Infiltration".
  • Stalleo will attack the horse Shadowmere if he sees it.
  • Stalleo's appearance may be random, rather than his default appearance.


  1. Stalleo is a rare type of NPC in that his appearance is randomly generated. This means he can be spawned as young or old.


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