"The young folks are too happy to break their backs for the Nords. They forget what it was like to swim free."

Stands-In-Shallows is an Argonian living in the Argonian Assemblage on the Windhelm Docks in Windhelm.

He is likely one of the older Argonians residing on the docks, as he remarks how the young have forgotten the freedom of home. He is also a skooma user and will ask the Dragonborn to "acquire" some in order to feed his cravings.


Some Light TheftEdit



  • "Another day, another septim."
  • "Huh? What's that now? Leave me alone."
  • "I would not complain if you returned with some Skooma." ― Exit dialogue.
  • "Trust me, marsh-friend, you do not want to live in this city." ― Exit dialogue if the Dragonborn is an Argonian.


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