Star Teeth are magical crystals that have the ability to counter Shadow Magic. They are believed to be Aetherial artifacts.


When the Star Teeth made their way to the Mundus, it was said they looked like shooting stars— Aetherial fragments making their descent from Aetherius.[1]

The Star Teeth are said to be collected from the sky using airships, the exact date of their discovery is unknown. Initially the airships were able to obtain seven Star Teeth. During the War of Bend'r-Mahk, the Star Teeth could be found all over the provinces of High Rock, Hammerfell and Skyrim, in the possession of various people. By the 3E 397, only the location of five were known.

The Star Teeth were eventually collected by the Hero of Azra's Crossing and used to destroy the Umbra' Keth, by placing them on pedestals in the Vault of the Heavens.



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