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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim features a large list of statistics that can be found in the general menu screen. The following is a full list.


Statistic Notes
Mauls Mauls are only possible in Werewolf mode. They are unique Kill Cameras performed on a target.
Werewolf Transformations
Days as a Werewolf
Necks Bitten Necks bitten as a Vampire.
Days as a Vampire
Locations Discovered Only locations that are marked on the game map count towards this statistic.
Days Passed
Hours Slept
Hours Waited
Standing Stones Found There are 13 Standing Stones throughout Skyrim. (18 with Dragonborn, those are also counted)
Gold Found
Most Gold Carried
Chests Looted
Skill Increases There are 18 skills in total meaning 1800 skill increases is the maximum.
Skill Books Read There are 5 different skill books for each skill and a total of 90 books. They can be found almost anywhere and typically appear as a world item.
Food Eaten
Training Sessions Training can only be received from a skill trainer. There are 54 trainers in total.
Books Read Activating a book will count as reading it.
Horses Owned Horses are available for purchase at any stable for 1000 Gold. Shadowmere is also counted if obtained.
Houses Owned Only the 5 purchasable houses in the main cities are counted.
Stores Invested In Requires the Investor perk in the Speech skill tree.
Barters The act of one transaction, either buying or selling, with a merchant counts as a barter.
Persuasions The number of times a successful persuasion is performed.
Bribes The number of times a Hold Guard is bribed after after committing a crime.
Intimidations The number of times a successful intimidation is performed.
Diseases Contracted There are 8 different diseases that can be contracted multiple times.


Statistic Notes
Dragonborn Quests CompletedDR The number of quests completed in the Dragonborn main questline
Dawnguard Quests CompletedDG The number of side quests completed for the Dawnguard.
Quests Completed The grand total of all quests completed.
Misc Objectives Completed The number of misc objectives completed. These are not classed as full quests.
Main Quests Completed The number of main quests completed. 19 in total.
Side Quests Completed The number of side quests completed.
The Companions Quests Completed The number of quests completed for the Companions.
College of Winterhold Quests Completed The number of quests completed for the College of Winterhold.
Thieves' Guild Quests Completed The number of quests completed for the Thieves' Guild.
The Dark Brotherhood Quests Completed The number of quests completed for the Dark Brotherhood.
Civil War Quests Completed The number of quests completed for the either side of the Civil War.
Daedric Quests Completed The number of Daedric quests completed
Questlines Completed Questlines are typically classed as a series of quests for a faction, but it also includes the main questline.


Statistic Notes
People Killed Includes all characters and enemies.
Animals Killed
Creatures Killed
Undead Killed Includes draugr, skeletons and vampires.
Daedra Killed
Automatons Killed
Favorite Weapon The weapon that is most often used.
Critical Strikes
Sneak Attacks Attacking a target without being seen.
Backstabs Performing a sneak attack with a one-handed weapon. Requires the Backstab perk.
Weapons Disarmed Disarms can be achieved with either the Disarm shout or a power bash attack with a shield and the Disarming Bash perk.
Brawls Won
Bunnies Slaughtered


Statistic Notes
Spells Learned Reading a spell tome is all that is required to learn a spell.
Favorite Spell The spell that is most often used.
Favorite School The school of magic that is most often used.
Dragon Souls Collected Souls collected from slain dragons.
Words of Power Learned Words are either learnt from Word Walls or from individuals such as the Greybeards or Durnehviir.
Words of Power Unlocked Word are only unlocked when a Dragon Soul is spent to unlock it.
Shouts Learned Learning a shout means that at least one of the three Words of Power is known for a specific shout.
Shouts Mastered Mastery is achieved by unlocking all three Words of Power of a shout.
Times Shouted
Favorite Shout The shout that is most often used.


Statistic Notes
Soul Gems Used Defined as either to recharge a weapon or enchant an item.
Souls Trapped Souls can only be trapped with the Soul Trap spell or with a weapon that bears the soul trap enchantment.
Magic Items Made Number of items made via Enchanting.
Weapons Improved Number of weapons tempered at a grindstone.
Weapons Made Number of weapons made at a forge
Armor Improved Number of armor pieces tempered at a workbench.
Armor Made Number of armor pieces made at a forge
Potions Mixed Number of potions made at an alchemy lab
Potions Used
Poisons Mixed Number of poisons made at an alchemy lab
Poisons Used
Ingredients Harvested
Ingredients Eaten
Nirnroots Found
Wings Plucked Wings can only be plucked from the various winged insects, such as butterflies.


Statistic Notes
Total Lifetime Bounty
Largest Bounty
Locks Picked
Pockets Picked
Items Pickpocketed
Times Jailed
Days Jailed
Fines Paid
Jail Escapes Number of jail breaks.
Items Stolen
Assaults An unprovoked attack. Typically results in a bounty if witnessed.
Murders Causing the death of a non-hostile character. Followers and summoned creatures who kill on your behalf also count.
Horses Stolen
Trespasses A trespass occurs when entering a locked property, such as a shop, after it has closed.