Steamscorch Mine is located behind the Braidwood Inn at Kynesgrove, just south from Windhelm.


There is a smelter near the entrance to the mine. Three refined malachite ingots and one malachite ore can be found next to it, but they do need to be stolen, and there is often a guard very near. There are a few miners working inside the tunnels, which holds seven veins of malachite ore.

Dravynea the Stoneweaver, an Alteration trainer, works in the mine. A copy of Complete Catalogue of Enchantments for Armor can be also found inside. Additionally, there are 21 fly amanita growing along the tunnels.

Malachite ore may be sold to Kjeld for a fair price.





There are seven malachite ore veins inside the mine:

  1. Just after entering the mine, right side of the tunnel, near an empty chest.
  2. Same place of the first malachite ore vein, left side of the tunnel.
  3. Just before the main chamber of the mine, to the right of a pile of wood.
  4. The last four malachite ore veins can be found in the last chamber of the mine, two on the ground and the other two over the wooden catwalks.

In addition to the ore veins in the mine, there are three malachite ingots in a cart and one malachite ore next to the cart outside the mine.

Note: these are stolen, being seen taking these will add bounty to Eastmarch. However, even if ore is sold to Kjeld, the malachite ore and the ingots are still marked stolen due to their high value.


  • Smelter – outside the mine, right in front of the entrance.

Notable itemsEdit


  • This location is not marked on the map, and so it cannot be discovered or cleared, and does not appear on the compass. It is rather a sub-location of Kynesgrove.
  • Sometimes the ore veins become glitched and cannot be mined. Leaving the mine and re-entering can fix the problem. Alternatively, one can simply equip a pickaxe to either the right or left hand and swing it at the ore vein. This will also mine ore, as opposed to activating the ore vein and watching the animation.
  • During the quest "A Blade in the Dark", due to Alduin circling the dragon burial mound where Sahloknir rests to resurrect him, several, if not most, residents of Kynesgrove may take shelter in the mine until they are certain it is safe to come out again.


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