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"Rumor has it the God of Justice himself wielded this hammer. I am inclined to believe it, as none less than a god could ever hope to raise the thing, let alone swing it. It took four men just to lift it onto the podium for display."
Torasa Aram, Curator of the Museum of Artifacts[src]

Stendarr's Hammer is a two-handed blunt weapon and an artifact of Stendarr. It is enchanted to increase damage dealt and decrease the wielder's Fatigue with every hit.

With a hundred-point maximum chop damage, this weapon has the highest maximum damage of all melee weapons in Morrowind and expansion packs. It is also the most massive weapon available (over ten times heavier than a Daedric Warhammer, the heaviest weapon available without expansion packs). With only a hundred points of item health Stendarr's Hammer is also extremely fragile, and will likely break within a few hits if used in combat.


Enchantment ID: stendarr_hammer_en

Both effects are cast on strike:


Stendarr's Hammer is on display at the Museum of Artifacts, in the Godsreach district of Mournhold. It is well-guarded and very encumbering to transport, but can be stolen.


  • All of the items that can be put on display at the Museum of Artifacts have a duplicate Museum version. This hammer's duplicate (item ID: stendar_hammer_unique_x) has 160 maximum chop damage instead of 100.


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