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Stillborn Cave is a cave located in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


It is located north of Windhelm. There are two different entrances to the cave itself. Upon entering the more easily accessible end, the Dragonborn arrives in a cavern with a chaurus or a giant frostbite spider down a flight of stairs. If encountered with two chaurus as well as a Falmer, the Dragonborn has entered into the hardest end of the cave first, so be prepared.


When entering from the easier end and turning right, the Dragonborn may encounter a chaurus or a white giant frosbite spider. Further into the cave, there is a room with two Falmers. There are three paths from here. To the right, there is a Falmer chest with loot inside. Next, head to the room forward. There is a room with a Falmer Skulker and random chaurus. The Falmer Skulker may appear with a valuable staff. In the room you can find another Falmer chest with loot inside.

Going back to the room and heading left there is a tripwire triggering a Falmer claw trap. The next room contains a Falmer and two paths. Going right leads to a room with two Falmers waiting to ambush the Dragonborn. Another chest is straight ahead from the entrance.

The leftward path leads to a waterfall walkway where there is a large cavern containing the "boss" for the cave: a leveled Falmer, and two chaurus. On the upper level where the boss Falmer was waiting, there is a final chest.

This is a possible location for Shalidor's writings in the "Shalidor's Insights" quest.

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  • After several tests it has been noted that should you enter from the northern end and fight your way through to the Falmer Gloomlurker, upon killing it and then back tracking through the cave a Chaurus and Falmer Skulker may spawn in to the area.