"Though claimed at times by Valenwood, the Gold Coast, and Hammerfell, the island of Stirk is really a no-man's-land. If it belongs to anyone, it's the Pirates of the Abecean Sea, who use Stirk's Ayleid ruins as arenas for settling disputes through trial by combat."
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Stirk is an island off the Gold Coast in Cyrodiil, in the Abecean Sea.


The historic island was at one time colonized by the Ayleids, whose white limestone ruins still exist on the island's tropical landscape. Though claimed at times by Valenwood and Hammerfell, the uninhabited island is considered part of Cyrodiil. The pirates of the Abecean were also known to use the Ayleid ruins as arenas for settling their arguments through trial by combat.[1]

Circa 1E 2200 it was here that the leaders of the First Era assembled the All Flags Navy to do battle with the Sload.[2]

In 2E 582 during the Interregnum a meeting took place here between the three leaders of the Alliance War, as Stirk was considered neutral territory. The meeting was held by the Mages Guild and Fighters Guild for the purpose of discussing a possible invasion of Coldharbour in response to Molag Bal's attempted Planemeld. Before an agreement could be reached between the alliances, the Daedric Prince sent hordes of Daedra to the island in an attempt to kill the alliance leaders. The attackers were defeated, and the leaders agreed on an invasion, having seen the his power firsthand. An army was then assembled from the ranks of the two guilds, and a portal to Coldharbour was opened on the island.[3]








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