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Not to be confused with Stokes-The-Flames.

Stoking the Flames is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in which the Dragonborn must recover ten fire salts for Balimund in Riften to help him continue operating his forge.


"The secret is my forge. It consumes fire salts, a strange mineral that burns as hot as Red Mountain lava. Well, it was. Sadly, this forge is dying and I've used the last of my fire salts."


  1. Speak to Balimund
  2. Acquire ten fire salts for Balimund
  3. Give the Fire Salts to Balimund


Ten fire salts are need to complete this quest.

To being the quest, the Dragonborn must speak to Balimund, a blacksmith in Riften, at his forge, The Scorched Hammer. He is outside working everyday during standard business hours and is inside his house most other times. He will not speak to the Dragonborn or offer the quest if the Dragonborn is trespassing inside his business.

Balimund tells the Dragonborn that he uses fire salts to improve the efficiency of his forge but he is running low. The Dragonborn can offer to find some more for him after which he will tell the Dragonborn ten should be enough. Fire salts can be found in the following locations:

Once the Dragonborn has acquired ten fire salts, they can return them to Balimund. He will thank the Dragonborn and give them a leveled sum of Gold. Balimund will also become available for the Dragonborn to marry.


Stoking the Flames – FreeformRiften10
ID !Journal Entry
  • Objective 10: Bring 10 fire salts to Balimund (<Global=FFR10SaltCount>/10)
  • Objective 20: Return to Balimund
  • Quest complete


  • Completing this quest counts toward the quest "Becoming Thane" for the Rift.
  • Balimund will express unique dialogue after receiving the salts if the player already has ten fire salts on their character upon meeting him for the first time.