"Golems are creatures created by those practiced in the arcane arts. They are fashioned from a material to resemble a human form, then animated and set to particular tasks, whether that be questing for an object or guarding a tomb. There are three varieties known to exist in the land: Ice, Stone, and Iron. Any of these are dangerous, each with its own special abilities, immunities, and spell casting powers. Defeating one is a feat well worth praise, for they are very formidable opponents."
―Official Arena Player's Guide.[UL 2]

Stone Golems are elemental creatures encountered in The Elder Scrolls: Arena.


Stone Golem
Attributes[UL 1]
Strength 90
Intelligence 60
Willpower 60
Agility 90
Speed 60
Endurance 80
Personality 50
Luck 50

Stone Golems are humanoid creatures assembled with rock, often encountered in the medium level dungeons. These large titans are one of the three elemental Golems, the other two being Ice Golem and Iron Golem. They are created by wizards to defend dungeons and carry other important tasks.

This elemental has the appearance of a large humanoid made of stones with a mouth and two red eyes.

When compared with the two other elementals, Stone Golems are between in terms of power, however it should not be underestimated. This humanoid has a ranged shock spell and can deal massive damage using its arms. With a general vision, Stone Golems still stand between its two relatives in terms of strength.

They are first seen in the Crystal Tower, during the quest of same name.


  • The Stone Golem, unlike the Ice Golem, makes its only appearance in The Elder Scrolls: Arena, not being presented in the next games as an Atronach.
    • However, it shares a lot of similarities with the later introduced Storm Atronach: both of them are able to cast shock spells, both have a rock based body, and both are stronger than their ice equivalent.
  • According to the Crystal Tower's Bestiary, the Stone Golem can throw rocks on opponents.



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