"The Orcs of Betnikh celebrate through the Stonetooth Bash- a constant party, not the repeated punching of faces. Though sometimes there is punching."

Stonetooth Bash is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Breda, a New Life Herald in Eastmarch, spoke of the New Life Festival in Betnikh, the Stonetooth Bash. The celebrants of Stonetooth Fortress bring supplies and create a constant party, where they also feast and drink on the ale and meat, and also belch at their fellow participants.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Travel to Stonetooth Fortress on Betnikh
  2. Talk to Matron Borbuga
  3. Collect Stonetooth Mystery Meat: 0/8
    Collect Betnikh Honeycomb
  4. Deliver food to Matron Borbuga
  5. Drink Some Betnikh Spiked Ale
    Eat Slice of Honeyed Wolf Pie
    Nibble Bitter Goat Cheese
  6. Show Your Appreciation (Use Soiled Napkin)
  7. Return to Breda
    Optional Steps: Show Your Appreciation to Another Player


Travel to Betnikh's Stonetooth Fortress and find Matron Borbuga inside the longhouse. She will redirect the Vestige to hunt for supplies in Betnikh, which are a Betnikh Honeycomb and Stonetooth Mystery Meat. These are acquirable from the animals on Betnikh. The meat is acquired from animals such as rabbits and wolves, and the honeycomb from the Giant Wasps. The Vestige then should return to Borbuga and feast on the foods, then belch, showing his appreciation. One can also belch at another player. After this is done, return to Breda. Optionally, one can, while feasting, drink some Betnikh Twice-Spiked Ale, acquiring the achievement of Stonetooth Belcher.


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