Stop the Messenger is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon. The Nerevarine has been tasked with eliminating a messenger sent to deliver a report from the colony with the help of Hroldar the Strange. After the messenger has been killed, Hroldar gives the Nerevarine a note from Carnius ordering the betrayal of Hroldar.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Speak with Carnius Magius
  • Speak with Hroldar the Strange
  • Follow Hroldar
  • Find the messenger
  • Lure the messenger into Hroldar's trap
  • Speak with Hroldar
  • Kill Hroldar
  • Return to Carnius

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Upon completing "Discovery in the Mine," Carnius will inform the Nerevarine that he has been giving Falco nearly impossible assignments in the hopes of ruining Falco's reputation and deterring investors. One of those assignments is to send frequent reports to Carnius. Carnius will ask the Nerevarine to meet up with Hroldar the Strange in the courtyard and make sure the next messenger never arrives.

Go to the courtyard and speak with Hroldar. He will tell you to follow him. Follow him to an area a little distance from Fort Frostmoth. He will then tell you to find the messenger and lead him there.

The messenger will be on the east side of Raven Rock. his name is Tirvel Balen. He will tell you that he has to deliver a report to Carnius Magius in fort Frostmoth, but he is scared of all the wolves and spriggans inhabiting the wilderness. He will ask you to escort him to fort Frostmoth. Lead him to where Hroldar is, and Hroldar's wolves will make short work of him. Getting him killed by any other wildlife will also do the job.

when Tirvel is dead, speak with Hroldar. He will give you three Scrolls of Savage Tyranny and a note from Carnius. The note will mention that Hroldar has outgrown his usefulness to Carnius, and that Carnius wants you to kill Hroldar. The scrolls may be used to turn his own wolves against him, but using them is not necessary.

Once Hroldar is dead, return to Carnius to get your reward.

Journal[edit | edit source]

Stop the Messenger
I've been tasked with eliminating a messenger sent from the colony, but I must make it appear that wolves overtook the man. I'm to follow Hroldar out into the wilderness, then lure the man to the location.
  • Quest accepted
Hroldar is going to take me to the spot where he'll wait until the messenger arrives.
We've arrived at the location; I need to go find the messenger and make sure he gets to this point.
I've agreed to escort the messenger to Fort Frostmoth; instead, I need to get him close to Hroldar so that Hroldar's wolves can take him down.
The messenger has met with an "unfortunate accident". I should report to Carnius.
I killed the messenger.
Hroldar has given me a package from Carnius.
Following Carnius' orders, I've killed Hroldar.
Carnius was happy to hear that both Hroldar and the messenger had been eliminated.
  • Quest complete
Carnius was unhappy that I had killed the messenger, but thanked me for taking care of Hroldar.
  • Quest complete

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