The Storm Atronach is an Elemental Daedra that hails from the pocket realm known as Levinace. Storm Atronachs are an amalgamation of stones, held together by powerful lightning. They are one of three main Atronachs used by Conjurers of Tamriel.

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Storm Atronachs are tied to the Oblivion pocket realm of Levinace, which is supposedly a "collective realm," one where it is an extension of their inhabitants, which is the case for Infernace, the home of the Flame Atronachs. Storm Atronachs are beings of lightning, a combination of stones that are held together by lightning magic. Throughout the eras, the typical Storm Atronach takes on a hulking-human body, reminiscent of a Golem or a Dwarven Centurion. Storm Atronachs are a prime resource for Storm Elements (i.e., Glint Splinters, Shock Balls, and Skybolts). They are extracted from their remains, which nothing but a smoldering rubble of stones. Even then, Storm Elements are different depending on the source (i.e. Wamasu and Thunderbug). But among the Storm Elements, the most well-known substance used from them are Void Salts. Gray-powdery salt that is primarily used in Alchemy. When attacked, Storm Atronachs emit electricity, such as when they shoot lightning in various directions or techniques like Chain Lightning and Lightning Cloak. What is not commonly used by Conjurers is that Storm Atronachs, along with the other three main Elementals, can take various forms, such as a Horse, a Guar, or even a Senche-Tiger. The person to bring Storm Atronachs into the world of Conjuration was Corvus Direnni who applied the rules of Koron's Peremptory Summons to Levinace and the Storm Atronachs, bringing them into the conventional form they are known for. However, one can alter the smallest detail of the summons to turn them into other forms.[1][2][3][4][5]

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