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The Storm Atronach is the lightning version of the atronach species of Daedra. Made of stone and kept together with magic, these large creatures are the most powerful of all the atronachs, having the most powerful close range attacks and the longest reach.

They can throw a right jab once per second and can gather up the whirling stones surrounding them and fling them a short distance at a foe who is just out of reach.


They move by entering a vortex-like state and are extremely hard to hit with regular melee weapons during this period. They can cast shock-based spells, such as a quick bolt of lightning, or a powerful storm blast that radiates from its body, electrocuting anyone nearby. However, they sometimes prefer to crush their foe with a powerful punch.

Storm Atronachs also seem to reflect melee damage back at the attacker but not ranged spells or attacks, like bows and arrows. This is possibly due to the fact that hitting the atronach in melee would send the electricity in its body, down the length of the weapon, and into the Hero - whereas magic & bows do not require direct contact with the atronach.


They can be found in the Deadlands (Mehrunes Dagon's Plane of Oblivion), Coldharbour and in other Planes. They can also be summoned via spells. On Tamriel they are typically encountered near Oblivion gates or guarding the caves and ruins occupied by Daedra cultists.

There are powerful conjurers who can summon them, but this is rare. Summoned Storm Atronachs are brutally efficient against most Daedra, who are both vulnerable to electricity and tend to use it as a weapon themselves. In addition, the paralysis inflicted by spiderling venom cannot affect their stony physiques.

General stats



Damage types


  • Can be destroyed using a weapon enchanted with Banish or by using a Staff of Banishment.
  • Can be hurt by non-shock spells (especially frost), and are very easy targets due to their large size.



  • They can be summoned as an ally using the master-level Conjuration spell Summon Storm Atronach. They can also be created at the Atronach Altar in Frostcrag Spire for three void salts.
    • Summoned storm atronachs do not drop void salts, as they leave no corpse,. They can, however, be soul trapped.
    • Storm atronachs created using the atronach altar persist until destroyed or another atronach is created using the altar.
  • Due to their large size, they will commonly get stuck in caves or doorways.


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