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"The Altmer wizard Corvus Direnni astounded High King Ar-Azal of Hammerfell by conjuring a Storm Atronach that assumed the form of a horse―but when Ar-Azal attempted to stump him by commanding he summon a Storm Atronach Camel, Corvus Direnni instantly did so."

The Storm Atronach Camel is a unique storm atronach mount in the shape of a camel in The Elder Scrolls Online. It was available exclusively from the Atronach Crown Crates during the first quarter of 2017, as an apex reward.


  • The mount is not actually a camel, but rather a Daedric atronach conjured in a way so that it appears in the shape of a camel. It is made of the same material as regular Storm Atronachs.


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