"There you are. If you expected to find us scaling the walls already, I'm sorry to disappoint. Don't get me wrong—we considered taking a stab at it, but with our ... limited numbers, I don't really think that plays to our strengths."
―High King Emeric[src]

Storming the Garrison is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Quick walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  1. Speak to High King Emeric outside the Bangkorai Garrison
  2. Enter the Bangkorai Garrison through the sewer grate
  3. Open the main gate to the Bangkorai Garrison
  4. Speak to High King Emeric
  5. Free imprisoned Knights of Saint Pelin
  6. Defeat Commander Attius
  7. Speak to High King Emeric
  8. Fight your way to the crypts
  9. Defeat Battlemage Papus
  10. Speak to High King Emeric
  11. Shut the Dark Anchor
  12. Speak to Queen Arzhela

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Outside the Bangkorai Garrison, near Scout Nadira, High King Emeric awaits the Vestige for their assistance. He tasks them with entering the Bangkorai Garrison through the sewers and open the main gate for his army.

The sewers are protected by Imperial Sorcerers, Marauders, Infantry, and Archers. After leaving the sewers, a lever is found, puling it opens the main gate and allows the High King's army to enter the garrison. High King Emeric will at one point state, "Keep pushing! Drive the bastards back or put them down!"

Once inside, the High King tasks the Vestige with finding captive Knights of Saint Pelin and aid them in their escape, while he and his main army take over the courtyard. Upon doing so, the Vestige is tasked by the Knights to defeat Commander Attius of the garrison.

Upon leaving the barracks, Emeric informs the Vestige that the Imperials have created their last line of defense near the crypt of the garrison. Imperial sorcerers defend the bridge by casting firebolts, and Imperial conscripts are sent out in attempts to slow the Covenant advance.

Inside the crypt, Battlemage Papus and Septima Tharn accept the need for a Dark Anchor to be used at the garrison, and so Papus begins the ritual of sacrificing a soldier to allow the Anchor to be cast down. Upon his defeat, the Vestige has to return to Emeric.

Emeric will task the Vestige with destroying the Anchor. Molag Bal will use taunts, such as, "Your Covenant cannot escape my wrath. You will see soon enough ….," "Bangkorai is mine, mortal. You cannot possibly protect it.," and, "Your king and queen will soon be slaves in Coldharbour!"

After destroying the Anchor, Emeric holds a speech and leaves the garrison alongside Queen Arzhela. Follow and speak to Queen Arzhela, who will reward the Vestige for their aid.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • 91–377 Gold

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