Storming the Walls is a side quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Meet Pandermalion at the Ruins
  2. Talk to Pandermalion
  3. Infiltrate the Ruins
  4. Talk to Pandermalion
  5. Use the Secret Door to Enter the Keep
  6. Talk to Castire
  7. Talk to Pandermalion
  8. Seal the Magicka Fonts: 0/3
  9. Reach the Keep's Courtyard
    1. (Optional) Talk to Castire
  10. Complete one:
    1. Raise the Outer Gate
    2. Raise the Inner Gate
    3. (Optional) Talk to Pandermalion
  11. Reach the Battlements
    1. (Optional) Talk to Pandermalion and Talk to Castire
  12. Defeat Urlsar
  13. Talk to Castire
  14. Talk to Pandermalion

If Castire returned to her people:

  1. Talk to Pandermalion
  2. Talk to Battlereeve Farwenya
  3. Talk to Battlereeve Farwenya

If Pandermalion and Castire left together:

  1. Talk to Battlereeve Farwenya
  2. Talk to Battlereeve Farwenya



  • Sea Keep Siege Cuirass
  • 73–302 GoldIcon


  • The first objective can automatically change to the second one if you leave the location.


  •  PC   After infiltrating the ruins Pandermalion can disappear if he is not talked to before proceeding deeper into the ruins. Alternatively, he can spawn in the water and become stuck there, and is unable to be talked to.

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