""You Altmer are so predictable. So arrogant. A valiant effort, but the invasion will proceed as planned. My storm will behead Malabal Tor, and the Maormer army will feast on its remains."
―Stormreeve Neidir

Stormreeve Neidir is a Maormer member of the Sea Vipers. She acts as the final boss of Tempest Island, and is responsible for the storm that the Maormer attempt to use to level Malabal Tor and eventually conquer the rest of Tamriel.[1]

It is important for players to stay close to Neidir, while moving out of the large circular AoE she periodically summons. If anyone strays too far away, she will charge into them, knocking them back and dealing fatal damage in Veteran mode. She will also summon a lightning bolt to hit a player a few moments later.


  • Electrical Shock
  • Gust of Wind - tornadoes that will set players off balance as they move around arena
  • Lightning Strike
  • Sparking Strike
  • Wind Charge


Pledge: Tempest IslandEdit

The Stormreeve must be defeated as part of this pledge.

Eye of the StormEdit

Stormreeve Neidir appears at the summit, killing the Aldmeri Dominion forces in a surprise attack. She must be defeated in order to destroy the final Conduit Stone and stop the storm.



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