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Strength is a primary attribute, a component of secondary attributes, and a factor in determining the amount damage inflicted upon others during armed combat. During character creation, initial Health is determined by summing Strength and Endurance then dividing the number by 2. A character's maximum Encumbrance (weight that can be carried) is calculated by multiplying Strength by five. By increasing maximum Encumbrance the character is less frequently afflicted by the negative effects of carrying heavy loads, such as reductions in jumping distance and movement Speed. Strength is also one of four factors that are summed to determine maximum Fatigue. Increasing maximum Fatigue allows a character to engage in strenuous activities such as running or fighting for longer periods of time.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Strength is taken into account when calculating the amount of damage inflicted upon others with both melee and ranged weapons. It does not impact the damage dealt with magical attacks, and is not a factor in the hand-to-hand combat system. Fifty Strength is the break-even point for the damage multiplier used during armed combat calculations; a character with less than fifty Strength will experience a reduction in the amount of damage inflicted per hit, while a character with more than fifty Strength will experience an increase in the amount of damage dealt.

A character with high Strength experiences two side-effects during armed combat due to the increased damage output: A higher chance of staggering opponents, and an increased rate of weapon deterioration.

Skills[edit | edit source]

The following skills are governed by Strength. Their use contributes to the attribute multiplier at level-up:

Characters[edit | edit source]

Classes[edit | edit source]

The following classes receive a +10 bonus to Strength:

Races[edit | edit source]

Starting Strength
Points Altmer Argonian Bosmer Breton Dunmer Imperial Khajiit Nord Orsimer Redguard

Items[edit | edit source]

The following items increase, lower, or restore Strength. (They may have additional effects – see articles for further details.)

Note: Damage effects persist until restored; Drain effects are temporary; Constant effects cannot be dispelled.

Armor[edit | edit source]

Enchanted Armor and Shields
Piece Type Effect Type Magnitude Duration Target Item ID
Fist of Randagulf (Right) Right Gauntlet Fortify 20 Constant Self gauntlet_fists_r_unique

Clothing[edit | edit source]

Enchanted Clothing and Jewelry
Item Type Effect Type Magnitude Duration Target Item ID
Amulet of Flesh Made Whole Amulet Restore 5–15 - Self amuletfleshmadewhole_uniq
Amulet of Heartheal Amulet Fortify 10–20 30 Self artifact_amulet of heartheal
Amulet of Mighty Blows Amulet Fortify 5–20 30 Self amulet of mighty blows
Belt of Orc's Strength Belt Fortify 5–20 30 Self belt of orc's strength
Bugharz's Belt Belt Fortify 5–20 30 Self bugharz's belt
Fighter Ring Ring Fortify 5 30 Self fighter_ring
Gambolpuddy Right Glove Drain 15–30 30 Self extravagant_rt_art_wild
Hunter's Amulet of Strength BM Amulet Fortify 10 Constant Self bm_amulstr1

Ingredients[edit | edit source]

First Effect ingredients can be consumed raw for the effect. Otherwise they must be combined using Alchemy.

Alchemy Ingredients
Item Drain Fortify Restore First Effect Item ID
Ash Yam ingred_ash_yam_petals_01
Bear Pelt BM ingred_bear_pelt
Black Lichen ingred_black_lichen_01
Bungler's Bane ingred_bc_bungler's_bane
Daedra Skin ingred_daedra_skin_01
Dreugh Wax (Fortify) ingred_dreugh_wax_01
Durzog Meat TR ingred_durzog_meat_01
Ectoplasm ingred_ectoplasm_01
Flaming Eye of the Lightkeeper BM ingred_eyeball_unique
Gold Kanet ingred_gold_kanet_01
Golden Sedge Flowers TR ingred_golden_sedge_01
Grahl Eyeball BM ingred_eyeball
Green Lichen ingred_green_lichen_01
Heartwood BM ingred_heartwood_01
Horn Lily Bulb TR ingred_horn_lily_bulb_01
Raw Glass ingred_raw_glass_01
Saltrice ingred_saltrice_01
Scamp Skin ingred_scamp_skin_01
Scathecraw ingred_scathecraw_01
Spore Pod ingred_bc_spore_pod
Stoneflower Petals ingred_stoneflower_petals_01
Vampire Dust ingred_vampire_dust_01

Potions[edit | edit source]

Potions and Beverages
Item Effect Type Magnitude Duration Item ID
Fortify Potions
Bargain Fortify Strength Fortify 5 8 p_fortify_strength_b
Cheap Fortify Strength Fortify 8 15 p_fortify_strength_c
Standard Fortify Strength Fortify 10 30 p_fortify_strength_s
Quality Fortify Strength Fortify 15 45 p_fortify_strength_q
Exclusive Fortify Strength Fortify 20 60 p_fortify_strength_e
Restore Potions
Bargain Restore Strength Restore 5 - p_restore_strength_b
Cheap Restore Strength Restore 8 - p_restore_strength_c
Standard Restore Strength Restore 10 - p_restore_strength_s
Quality Restore Strength Restore 15 - p_restore_strength_q
Exclusive Restore Strength Restore 20 - p_restore_strength_e
Blood of the Quarra Masters Fortify 50 20 p_quarrablood_UNIQUE
Flin Fortify 20 60 Potion_Cyro_Whiskey_01
Greef Fortify 20 60 potion_comberry_brandy_01
Hulking Fabricant Elixir TR Fortify 10 10 hulking_fabricant_elixir
Mazte Fortify 20 60 Potion_Local_Brew_01
Nord Mead BM Fortify 30 60 potion_nord_mead
Sinyaramen's Potion Fortify 20 20 p_sinyaramen_UNIQUE
Skooma Fortify 20 60 potion_skooma_01
Spoiled Cure Disease Potion Drain 15 40 p_drain_strength_q
Sujamma Fortify 50 60 potion_local_liquor_01
Vintage Brandy Fortify 30 360 p_vintagecomberrybrandy1

Scrolls[edit | edit source]

Enchanted Scrolls
Item Effect Type Magnitude Duration Target Item ID
Scroll of Black Weakness Damage 5–15 10 Touch sc_blackweakness
Scroll of Bodily Restoration BM Restore 20 1 Self sc_bodily_restoration
Scroll of Grey Weakness Drain 15–25 20 Target sc_greyweakness
Scroll of Red Weakness Absorb 20–40 10 Touch sc_redweakness
Scroll of Savage Might Fortify 10–30 60 Self sc_savagemight
Scroll of the Blood Thief Absorb 0–20 20 Touch sc_bloodthief

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Enchanted Weapons
Item Type Effect Type Magnitude Durtn Target Item ID
Blood Axe BM Axe 2H Damage 4 30 Touch bm reaver battle axe
Dagger of Judgement Short Blade Damage 5–8 1 Touch Dagger of Judgement
Divine Judgement Silver Staff Blunt 2H Damage 5–12 1 Touch divine judgement silver staff
Her Dart TR Thrown Damage 5 1 Touch her dart
Her Ebony Scimitar TR Long Blade 1H Absorb 10 50 Touch Ebony Scimitar_her
Damage 5 1
Mace of Molag Bal Blunt 1H Absorb 1–15 30 Touch mace of molag bal_unique
Staff of Llevule Blunt 2H Damage 5–8 1 Touch staff_of_llevule
Steel Staff of Divine Judgement Blunt 2H Damage 3–8 1 Touch steel staff of divine judgement
Sunder Blunt 1H Fortify 20 Constant Self sunder
Temreki, Shackler of Souls Long Blade 2H Absorb 0–20 10 Touch we_temreki
War Axe of Airan Ammu Axe 1H Fortify 15–30 15 Self war_axe_airan_ammu

Spells and magic effects[edit | edit source]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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