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Not to be confused with Imperial Studded Leather Cuirass.

Imperial Studded Armor is a piece of light armor found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Imperial Studded Armor is a variant of the Imperial Light Armor chest piece. It replaces the leather collar around the neck and on the back with chainmail, and adds metal decorations to the belt. It grants the same level of protection as the regular piece but it cannot be improved at a workbench due to a bug.


  • During the quest "Unbound," one can be acquired from one of the first two Imperials encountered after choosing to follow Ralof.
  • One can be obtained from Beirand if the medium armor option is chosen after joining the Imperial Legion.
  • Worn by Imperial Legion soldiers in any Imperial Legion camp or strongholds across Skyrim, such as Fort Greymoor.
  • Worn by Rexus.
  • A full set of Imperial light armor can be taken from the corpse in the Fort Greenwall Cave.