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Style Materials are Crafting items in The Elder Scrolls Online. Style Materials determine the visual style of armor, weapons and shields, assuming the appropriate motif has been read. All Style Materials can be obtained from random loot containers as well as from deconstructing weapons, armor, or clothing crafted in that particular style. They can also be bought from merchants. Some of the materials require 10 of their unrefined parts to create one material.

List of Style MaterialsEdit

The following is a list of style materials:

Image Material Crafting Style Source
Adamantite Adamantite Altmer Style Containers, Stylemasters
Aeonstone Shard Aeonstone Shard New Moon Priest Style Dragonguard Supply Chest
Amber Marble Amber Marble Hollowjack Style Plunder Skulls
Ancient Sandstone Ancient Sandstone Ra Gada Style Craglorn activities
Argent Pelt Argent Pelt Silver Dawn Style Moon Hunter Keep bosses
Argentum Argentum Primal Style Chests
Ash Canvas Ash Canvas Ashlander Style Rewards for daily Ashlander quests
Auric Tusk Auric Tusk Trinimac Style Wrothgar delve bosses, Undaunted Exploration Supplies
Auroran Dust Auroran Dust Meridian Style Depths of Malatar bosses
Azure Plasm Azure Plasm Soul-Shriven Style Dark Anchors
Black Beeswax Black Beeswax Dark Brotherhood Style Contracts for the Dark Brotherhood
Bloodroot Flux Bloodroot Flux Bloodroot Forge Style Bloodroot Forge bosses
Blood of Sahrotnax Blood of Sahrotnax Moongrave Fane Style Moongrave Fane bosses
Bloodscent Dew Bloodscent Dew Huntsman Style March of Sacrifices bosses
Bronze Bronze Barbaric Style Chests
Bone Bone Bosmer Style Containers, Stylemasters
Boiled Carapace Boiled Carapace Morag Tong Style Hall of Justice daily quests
Carmine Shieldsilk Carmine Shieldsilk Shield of Senchal Style Senchal daily quests
Cassiterite Cassiterite Ancient Orc Style Crafted from Cassiterite Sand found by harvesting nodes in Wrothgar
Charcoal of Remorse Charcoal of Remorse Xivkyn Style Tel Var Merchants, crafted from Ashes of Remorse, both are found in Undaunted Exploration Supplies
Consecrated Myrrh Consecrated Myrrh Pyre Watch Style Unhallowed Grave
Corundum Corundum Nord Style Containers, Stylemasters
Crocodile Leather Crocodile Leather Dead-Water Style Murkmire daily quests
Crown Mimic Stone Item Crown Mimic Stone All Styles Crown Store, Crown Crates
Culanda Lacquer Culanda Lacquer Sapiarch Style Divine Prosecution daily quests in Alinor
Daedra Heart Style Mat Daedra Heart Daedric Style Dropped from Daedra
Defiled Whiskers Defiled Whiskers Dro-m'Athra Style Maw of Lorkhaj bosses and weekly quest
Desecrated Grave Soil Desecrated Grave Soil Worm Cult Style Anniversary Event boxes
Distilled Slowsilver Distilled Slowsilver Silken Ring Style Cradle of Shadows, dropped from Velidreth
Dragon Bone Online Dragon Bone Fang Lair Style Fang Lair bosses
Dragon Scute Dragon Scute Ebonheart Pact Style Siege Merchants
Dragonthread Dragonthread Pellitine Style Battlereeve Tanerline's daily quests
Dwemer Frame Dwemer Frame Dwemer Style Crafted from Dwemer Scrap found in Dwemer containers and Animunculi, Undaunted Exploration Supplies
Eagle Feather Eagle Feather Aldmeri Dominion Style Siege Merchants
Etched Adamantite Etched Adamantite Ancestral Altmer Style Antiquities
Etched Corundum Etched Corundum Ancestral Nord Style Antiquities
Etched Manganese Etched Manganese Ancestral Orc Style Antiquities
Ferrous Salts Ferrous Salts Yokudan Style Craglorn daily quests
Fine Chalk Fine Chalk Thieves Guild Style Crafted from Coarse Chalk, both can be found in Thieves Troves
Flint Flint Argonian Style Containers, Stylemasters
Gilding Salts Gilding Salts Dragonguard Style Dragonguard daily quests
Fryse Willow Fryse Willow Icereach Coven Style Icereach
Powdered Mother of Pearl thumb Frost Embers Sunspire Style Deconstruction of equipment from Sunspire
Goblin-Cloth Scrap Goblin-Cloth Scrap Coldsnap Style Frostvault bosses
Goldscale Goldscale Akaviri Style Crafted from Ancient Scales found in Undaunted Exploration Supplies and bought from Siege Merchants
Grinstones Grinstones Grim Harlequin Style Deconstruction of Grim Harlequin style equipment
Gryphon Plume Gryphon Plume Welkynar Style Z'Maja, deconstructing Welkynar style equipment
Gloomspore Chitin Gloomspore Chitin Blackreach Vanguard Style Western Skyrim and Blackreach daily quests' rewards
Hackwing Plumage Hackwing Plumage Elder Argonian Style Murkmire daily quests
Infected Flesh Infected Flesh Scalecaller Style Scalecaller Peak bosses
Laurel Laurel Mercenary Style Undaunted Exploration Supplies, group dungeon final bosses
Leviathan Scrimshaw Leviathan Scrimshaw Mazzatun Style Ruins of Mazzatun final boss
Lion Fang Lion Fang Daggerfall Covenant Style Siege Merchants
Lustrous Sphalerite Lustrous Sphalerite Militant Ordinator Style Crafted from Dull Sphalerite bought from Battlegrounds Supplies Merchants
Malachite Style Mat Malachite Glass Style Crafted from Malachite Shards, both can be found in Undaunted Exploration Supplies and treasure chests
Manganese Manganese Orc Style Containers, Stylemasters
Minotaur Bezoar Minotaur Bezoar Dreadhorn Style Falkreath Hold bosses
Molybdenum Molybdenum Breton Style Containers, Stylemasters
Moonstone Moonstone Khajiit Style Containers, Stylemasters
Nickel Nickel Imperial Style Containers, Stylemasters
Night Pumice Night Pumice Ebony Style Rolis Hlaalu
Oath Cord Oath Cord Stags of Z'en Style Lair of Maarselok final boss
Obsidian Obsidian Dunmer style Style Containers, Stylemasters
Oxblood Fungus Oxblood Fungus Minotaur Style Crafted from Oxblood Fungus Spores dropped on Minotaurs, Undaunted Exploration Supplies
Palladium Palladium Ancient Elf Style Chests and other containers
Pearl Sand Pearl Sand Order of the Hour Style Crafted from Grains of Pearl Sand found by harvesting nodes in Gold Coast
Polished Scarab Elytra Polished Scarab Elytra Redoran Style Crafted from Scarab Elytra, found by stealing and pickpocketing in Vvardenfell
Polished Shilling Polished Shilling Abah's Watch Style Pickpocketing guards
Polished Rivets Polished Rivets Refabricated Style Deconstruction of Refabricated style equipment
Potash Potash Malacath Style Wrothgar group bosses, Undaunted Exploration Supplies
Rogue's Soot Rogue's Soot Outlaw Style Found by harvesting nodes in Hew's Bane
Starmetal Starmetal Redguard Style Containers, Stylemasters
Pristine Shroud Pristine Shroud Draugr Style Daily guild quests
Red Diamond Seal Red Diamond Seal Honor Guard Style Blackrose Prison
Refined Bonemold Resin Refined Bonemold Resin Hlaalu Style Crafted from Raw Bonemold Resin found by stealing and pickpocketing in Vvardenfell
Sea Serpent Hide Sea Serpent Hide Pyandonean Style Fishing in Summerset
Shimmering Sand Shimmering Sand Anequina Style Rimmen daily quests
Snake Fang Snake Fang Tsaesci Style Deconstruction of Tsaesci style equipment
Stalhrim Shard Stalhrim Shard Stalhrim Frostcaster Style Deconstruction of Stalhrim Frostcaster style equipment
Star Sapphire Star Sapphire Celestial Style Craglorn trials' weekly rewards
Tainted Blood Tainted Blood Assassins League Style Crafted from Dried Blood found after killing characters with the Blade of Woe, Undaunted Exploration Supplies
Tempered Brass Tempered Brass Apostle Style Clockwork City daily quests
Tenebrous Cord Tenebrous Cord Ebonshadow Style Clockwork City daily quests
Vitrified Malondo Vitrified Malondo Psijic Style Summerset and Artaeum activities
Volcanic Viridian Volcanic Viridian Buoyant Armiger Style Crafted from Viridian Dust found by harvesting nodes and killing enemies in Vvardenfell
Warrior's Heart Ashes Warrior's Heart Ashes Dremora Style Plunder Skulls
Wolfsbane Incense Wolfsbane Incense Skinchanger Style New Life Gift Box during New Life Festival
Wrought Ferrofungus Wrought Ferrofungus Telvanni Style Crafted from Pliant Ferrofungus found by stealing and pickpocketing in Vvardenfell

List of unrefined Style MaterialsEdit

Image Unrefined Refined
Cassiterite Sand Cassiterite Sand Cassiterite
Ashes of Remorse Ashes of Remorse Charcoal of Remorse
Dwemer Scrap Dwemer Scrap Dwemer Frame
Coarse Chalk Coarse Chalk Fine Chalk
Ancient Scale Ancient Scales Goldscale
Dull Sphalerite Dull Sphalerite Lustrous Sphalerite
Malachite Shard Malachite Shards Malachite
Oxblood Fungus Spores Oxblood Fungus Spores Oxblood Fungus
Grains of Pearl Sand Grains of Pearl Sand Pearl Sand
Scarab Elytra Scarab Elytra Polished Scarab Elytra
Raw Bonemold Resin Raw Bonemold Resin Refined Bonemold Resin
Dried Blood Dried Blood Tainted Blood
Viridian Dust Viridian Dust Volcanic Viridian
Pilant Ferrofungus Pilant Ferrofungus Wrought Ferrofungus

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