Sudi was a Redguard who can be found dead in Frostflow Lighthouse, which is located south west of Hob's Fall Cave.


After she began hearing strange noises coming from the basement, her father, Habd, went into town to get traps believing that they only had a skeever infestation. What they really had downstairs were Falmer, who had dug their way in from below the cellar.

Her father returned to find his wife, Ramati, dead. Sudi and her brother Mani were captured and taken below. At some point the Falmer killed her brother and placed her in a cage. She and her father were reunited when he was captured and thrown into the cage as well.

Before being taken to be fed to the Chaurus Reaper, Habd gave Sudi an iron dagger. She felt her father gave her the dagger as a means to "escape." She took the dagger and killed herself, leaving behind only a Scrawled page and Bloodstained note.


Frostflow AbyssEdit

Investigate the Frostflow Lighthouse to discover the source of an attack on the family living there.


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