Template:SkyrimNPCs Sulla Trebatius is an Imperial Spellsword who can be found inside Alftand Cathedral right above the entrance to Blackreach.


Sulla may have been part of the Imperial Legion, but possibly deserted to explore Alftand. Before going to the ruins, he gathered a crew composed of UmanaJ'darrJ'zharEndrastYag gra-Gortwog and Valie. He left the Expedition Manifest at the entrance of the ruins describing the members of the crew and the roles each one fulfilled for the expedition. He wrote Sulla's Journal, which describes his ill-fated attempt at excavating the ruins. Inside, they found some Dwarven spiders that were disposed of easily. Afterwards, he began researching them and wrote the Research Notes

When Sulla is first encountered, he is in a discussion with Umana. After a short conversation, they begin to fight until one of them kills the other or until the Dragonborn intervenes.

His knapsack is in the torture room where Valie is found. Among its contents is an Imperial officer's helmet along with some common items.


His fighting tactics are simple. He uses Fireball as his primary attack. When he runs out of magicka, he engages in melee combat. If his health goes very low, he flees from combat and uses Fast Healing. When his health has recovered enough, he continues to fight.


  • After Sulla Trebatius is defeated, his body can be searched for a rare enchanted Imperial sword. Its enchantment type is entirely random, but the strength of the enchantment is always the same (equivalent to 10 points of damage).
  • It is possible that he may be a descendant of Vandorallen Trebatius from Oblivion.
  • He makes a good dead thrall because his body is permanent, meaning he can be used multiple times if his location is known. His armor can be enchanted to make him stronger and he still heals himself during combat.


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