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"The land called Summerset is the birthplace of civilization and magic as we know it in Tamriel. On its idyllic sea-kissed shores live the Altmer, the High Elves."
―Summerset Loading Screen[src]

Summerset is a region that appears in The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset. The island is also fondly known as the "Isle of Summerset." It takes up the entire northwestern portion of its parenting province, the Summerset Isles, and is the largest of the three islands. The capital of the province, Alinor, can be found here.

The geography of the Isle of Summerset is remarked as being possibly the "most beautiful in all of Tamriel" by many Altmer,[source?] with the navigator Ciryelda claiming one would be unable to find a finer land in all of Tamriel.

The island is overrun with red, pink and vibrant green trees, as well as numerous rocky cliffs, while its cities can commonly be found on Summerset's long coastlines. The architecture of Summerset's cities includes pointy spires and white walls.

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