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Summerset, also known as the Isle of Summerset, is a zone that appears in The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset. It takes up the entire northwestern portion of its parenting province, the Summerset Isles, and is the largest of the three islands. The capital of the province, Alinor, can be found here. The island is overrun with red, pink and vibrant green trees, as well as numerous rocky cliffs, while its cities can commonly be found on Summerset's long coastlines. The architecture of Summerset's cities includes pointy spires and white walls.[1]


"The land called Summerset is the birthplace of civilization and magic as we know it in Tamriel. On its idyllic sea-kissed shores live the Altmer, the High Elves."
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While Ayrenn, Queen of the Aldmeri Dominion, is the ruling monarch over all of the Summerset Isles, the capital of the Dominion is instead situated in the Valenwood city of Elden Root. As Ayrenn is often far from Summerset's shores, her cousin, Proxy Queen Alwinarwe, administers the province from Alinor in her stead.[1] For much of its history, outsiders were not allowed to enter Summerset without explicit permission, but in 2E 582, Ayrenn issued a degree allowing free entry to any who wished to make the voyage, much to the chagrin of the island's nobility.[2][3]

Coinciding with the Queen's decree, a triad of Daedric Princes conspired to invade Summerset to their own ends after attacks in Vvardenfell and the Clockwork City.[4][5] The Daedric forces, allied with Sea Sload, began forming Abyssal Geysers across the island and enacting their plan for domination. The Daedric forces comprised of the cultists of the Court of Bedlam and Yaghra under the command of Sloads and would perpetrate attacks across the island against its people and the Divine Prosecution.[1]


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The following are locations accessible in Summerset and, with the exception of unmarked locations, are discoverable on the map. Points of Interest serve as locations with unique side quests, while cities serve as the centralised areas with multiple sublocations and act as a hub for services and merchants. Explanations of the types of locations are provided in the main locations page.

Wayshrines Dungeons Points of Interest

Wayshrine Icon Alinor Wayshrine
Wayshrine Icon Cey-Tarn Keep Wayshrine
Wayshrine Icon Eastern Pass Wayshrine
Wayshrine Icon Ebon Stadmont Wayshrine
Wayshrine Icon Eldbur Ruins Wayshrine
Wayshrine Icon King's Haven Pass Wayshrine
Wayshrine Icon Lillandril Wayshrine
Wayshrine Icon Russafeld Heights Wayshrine
Wayshrine Icon Shimmerene Wayshrine
Wayshrine Icon Sil-Var-Woad Wayshrine
Wayshrine Icon Sunhold Wayshrine
Wayshrine Icon The Crystal Tower Wayshrine
Wayshrine Icon Veyond Wyte Wayshrine

Delve Icon Archon's Grove
Trial Icon Cloudrest
Group Dungeon Icon Coral Aerie AT
Delve Icon Eton Nir Grotto
Public Dungeon Icon Karnwasten
Delve Icon King's Haven Pass
Public Dungeon Icon Sunhold
Delve Icon Tor-Hame-Khard
Delve Icon Wasten Coraldale

Set Stations Striking Locales Abyssal Geysers World Bosses

Crafting Station Icon Augury Basin (Nocturnal's Favor)
Crafting Station Icon Shimmerene Dockworks (Adept Rider)

Locale Icon Alaxon'ald
Locale Icon Ald Mora Ruins
Locale Icon Alinor Docks
Locale Icon Cathedral of Webs
Locale Icon Dusk Keep
Locale Icon Eldbur Ruins
Locale Icon Garden of the Sacred Numbers
Locale Icon Gryphon Aerie
Locale Icon Keep of the Eleven Forces

World Event Icon Corgrad Abyssal Geyser
World Event Icon Direnni Abyssal Geyser
World Event Icon Rellenthil Abyssal Geyser
World Event Icon Sil-Var-Woad Abyssal Geyser
World Event Icon Sunhold Abyssal Geyser
World Event Icon Welenkin Abyssal Geyser

Boss Icon Graveld's Hideaway
Boss Icon Gryphon Run
Boss Icon Indrik Frolic
Boss Icon Keelsplitter's Nest
Boss Icon The Queen's Hatchery
Boss Icon Welenkin Cove

Event Hubs Housing Unmarked locations

Event Icon Event Exchange

Housing Icon Alinor Crest Townhouse
Housing Icon Colossal Aldmeri Grotto
Housing Icon Golden Gryphon Garret


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Summerset features a series of zone story quests and unrelated side quests. The zone story quests tie into the Daedric War overarching storyline and carries on from the Clockwork City, but it is not necessary to complete the story quests for zones prior to those in Summerset. Side quests are non-sequential and can be completed in any order, except where one carries on from another, and repeatable quests can be completed multiple times: weekly for arenas and trials and daily for all others.

Zone Quest Icon Zone quests
Online Quest Icon Side quests
Group Dungeon Icon Group dungeon quests
  • An Order Gone Awry
  • Repeatable Journal Icon Pledge: Coral Aerie
Trial Icon Trial quests
Online Quest Icon Crafting quests
Online Quest Icon PvP quests


Random encounters
  • Assistant – A member of the College of Sapiarchs under the supervision of a sapiarch.
  • Baliff Naramin – An Altmer bailiff dealing with one of several incidents caused by Choixth.
  • Choixth – A Shadowscale causing trouble across Summerset for Bailiff Naramin to deal with.
  • Divine Prosecutor – Members of the Divine Prosecution investigating the corpse of a Yaghra Strider.
  • Gluthogna – An Orsimer arguing with an Altmer noblewoman.
  • Kinlady Aldermil – An Altmer noble drinking alongside three other nobles and discussing native fauna.
  • Kinlady Hiradil – An Altmer noble drinking alongside three other nobles and discussing native fauna.
  • Kinlady Turquenwen – An Altmer kinlady and her entourage under attack by a gryphon.
  • Kinlord Moladucil – An Altmer noble drinking alongside three other nobles and discussing native fauna.
  • Kinlord Paredan – An Alter noble reading a book alongside three others drinking and discussing native fauna.
  • Noble – An Altmer noblewoman arguing with the Orsimer Gluthogna.
  • Royal Menagerie Ranger – An Altmer hunter working for the Sil-Var-Woad Royal Menagerie.
  • Sapiarch – A member of the College of Sapiarchs training his assistants.
  • Storm Shark Lightningfang – One of three lost Maormer Storm Sharks.
  • Storm Shark Wavepriest – One of three lost Maormer Storm Sharks.
  • Storm Shark Windcaller – One of three lost Maormer Storm Sharks.
  • Surveyor – Members of Kinlady Turquenwen's entourage.
  • Swordmaster Linaaldel – A member of Kinlady Turquenwen's entourage fighting against an attacking gryphon.
Traveling merchants



Item Sets[]

Main article: Item Sets

Item sets are related armor and weapons that, when worn together, provide unique benefits. Overland sets can be acquired from world bosses, world events, delves, public dungeons and containers and as quest rewards; dungeon sets can be acquired from within group dungeons; monster sets can be acquired from the final boss of veteran group dungeons and Undaunted Enclaves; and crafted sets can be created at specific locations across the zone.



Main article: Skyshards (Online)

Eighteen Skyshards can be found in Summerset totaling in six skill points. The zone guide provides clues as to the location of each Skyshard, but many can be found simply by exploring and watching for the distinctive pillar of light they emit. Skyshards will appear on the map and compass when the Vestige is close to one and will remain discovered on the map even if it was not collected.

# Description Location
1 Overlooking the Oleander Coast Winery. Around the back of Oleander Coast Winery, east of the north gate of Alinor.
2 Among a nest of stone eggs east of Cey-Tarn Keep. Up the river running south from Rellenthil, east from the Vaults of Heinarwe.
3 On a tiny peninsula beneath the Cathedral of Webs. West of the Cathedral of Webs on top of a large rock.
4 Along the beach north of Karnwasten. On the coast north from Karnwasten.
5 At a camp across a narrow plank walkway. At a camp on the coast halfway between the Coral Aerie and Gryphon Run.
6 In the mouth of the falls overlooking Shimmerene. At the head of the waterfall northwest of Shimmerene.
7 At the ruins of the Keep of Eleven Forces. At the north section of the Keep of the Eleven Forces.
8 Along the sun's path toward dusk. At the southern tip of the detached island, east of Dusk Keep.
9 South of Russafeld, where the mossy archer's aim flies true. At the river halfway between Russafeld Heights Wayshrine and Indrik Frolic.
10 Under Sea Keep's towering fortifications. Underneath the bridge entering Sea Keep.
11 Among the shanties in Karnwasten's cove. In the central section of Karnwasten.
12 High above the heart of Sunhold. On the bridge running over the road between the two rotundas in Sunhold.
13 Stuffed in a barrel by Goblins in King Haven's Path. In the cave system of King's Haven Pass before the exit to the gryphon eyrie.
14 Overlooking a sun kissed path in Eton Nir Grotto. On the elevated area between the shrine of Meridia and Kayliriax the Spinner.
15 At the mouth of the falls in Archon's Grove. At the end of the waterfall in Archon's Grove.
16 In the caverns of Tor-Hame-Khard. In the caverns of the lower level of Tor-Hame-Khard.
17 Near an angler's favorite fishing spot in Wasten Coraldale. On the west end of the coast in Wasten Coraldale.
18 Looming over the center of the Traitor's Vault. At the top level of Traitor's Vault before the broken walkway.


Main article: Achievements (Online)

Achievements can be earned by completing specific tasks include quests and finding locations. Achievements are separated into categories and their progress is viewable from the journal. Earning achievement provides the Vestige some amount of points. Points earned only apply to the character that earned the achievement. Some achievements unlock unique rewards such as trophies or dyes.

Summerset Journal Icon Summerset
Abyssal Geysers
Group Dungeons Journal Icon Ascending Tide
  • Aerie Glider
  • Around and Around and Around
  • Ascendant Order Style Master
  • Ascending Tide Delver
  • Ascending Tide Explorer
  • Asending Tide Scout
  • Coral Aerie Challenger
  • Coral Aerie Conqueror
  • Coral Aerie Vanquisher
  • Coral Compact
  • Crustacean Cracker
  • Globule Gobbler
  • Gryphon Slayer
  • Land, Air, and Sea Supremacy
  • Not the Sharpest Knife
  • Pressure Front
  • Seafaring Sleuth
  • Shellback
  • Splash Fighter Supreme
  • Summerset Preservation Society
  • Superior Pedigree
  • Tentacless Triumph
  • Tentacular Tenderizer
  • Time Served
  • Yaghra Slayer

Shalidor's Library[]

Main article: Shalidor's Library

Thirty-two books that are a part of Shalidor's Library can be found in Summerset and added to the collection. Books that have already been found in other zones will already be marked as completed in the zone tracker.


Main article: Fishing (Online)

Fish can be caught from fishing hotspots, ideally with the correct bait. Common fish will be caught most often while rare fish and alternative bait are rare catches. Each zone has unique rare fish than can be caught from hotspots. Slaughterfish and trodh can be caught from foul hotspots, dhufish and longfin can be caught from saltwater hotspots, silverside perch and spadetail can be caught from lake hotspots, and salmon and river betty can be caught from river hotspots. Chub, minnow, shad and fish roe can be caught and used as bait from foul, saltwater, lake and river hotspots, respectively.

Fish Source Quality
Anu's Travally Rivers Fine
Blooming Flowerhorn Lakes Fine
Burnish Groper Foulwater Fine
Copper Oreodory Foulwater Fine
Crystal Hannia Lakes Superior
Dusk Arowana Lakes Fine
Eton Sprat Rivers Fine
Great Yellowfin Rivers Superior
Lingweloce Saltwater Superior
Quicksilver Lingwe Saltwater Fine
Radiant Dory Saltwater Fine
Senche Flathead Foulwater Superior


Interactive map[]