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The Summerset Isles are a province in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is under control of the Aldmeri Dominion, led by Queen Ayrenn, and is the homeland of the Altmer. The Summerset Isles consists of three islands; Summerset, Auridon, and Artaeum.[1]

Geography & features[]

Out of the three main islands, Summerset is the largest, and also contains the capital of the Summerset Isles, Alinor. To the east of Summerset is Auridon, which is closer to Tamriel and is the second largest of the three islands. The Isle of Artaeum used to be on Nirn, but has since vanished, though can still be visited.

Summerset can be visited via wayshrines or the navigator Ciryelda. To reach Auridon, the same methods may be used. The isle of Artaeum, however, requires different means of transportation.

The Summerset Isles are referred to by the Altmer as "one of the most beautiful places in Tamriel,"[source?] and offer a rather different landscape from that of other provinces. Throughout Summerset Isles, there can be seen pink trees, vibrant hills, and stony mountains. Summerset's beaches are somewhat rocky and grassy, while Auridon's are rocky and sandy.


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Queen Ayrenn in Vulkhel Guard.







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  • There was cut questline for the region on the southern main island of Summerset, relating to the Maormer and the city-state of Sunhold. This questline was most likely replaced with Auridon.[2]