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The Summerset Shadow is an Altmer enemy. They are members of the Summerset Shadows faction and are found during the "Summerset Shadows" quest. They are led by Linwe and take up residence in Uttering Hills Cave.



Summerset ShadowsEdit

The Summerset Shadows members constitute the enemies in this Thieves Guild quest. They only appear after the special job has been done in Windhelm, otherwise Uttering Hills Cave is just filled with bandits. The Dragonborn is tasked with retrieving Fjotli's Silver Locket.


  • Although they level with the player character (up to level 25) they always have 40 hit points, making them very easy to kill.
  • Although they appear to wear Thieves Guild Armor, it is actually part of their character model, as much as the armor worn by draugr. This is demonstrated by the armor staying on them even after being looted instead of the usual underwear look.


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