For other uses, see Summon.

Cards with the Summon keyword perform a variety of actions when they come into play. Cards may summon additional creature cards, draw cards into the players hand, cause damage to creatures or players, etc.


Icon legends agility Agility cardsEdit

Ahnassi (Legends)
Allena Benoch
Arenthia Swindler
Camoran Scout Leader
Chaurus Reaper
Dune Smuggler
Dune Stalker
Eclipse Baroness
Falinesti Reaver
Feasting Vulture
Giant Snake
Green Pact Stalker
Murkwater Skirmisher
Murkwater Witch
Necrom Mastermind
Nimble Ally
Queen Barenziah
Red Bramman
Skooma Racketeer
Soulrest Marshal
Spider Daedra (Legends)
Thieves Guild Recruit
Thorn Histmage
Ungolim the Listener
Wild Beastcaller
Wild Spriggan

Icon legends endurance Endurance cardsEdit

Angry Grahl
Black Worm Necromancer
Blood Magic Lord
Bone Colossus
Cursed Spectre
Dragontail Savior
Enchanted Plate
Flesh Atronach (Legends)
General Tullius
Gloom Wraith
High King Emeric (Legends)
Hist Grove
Midnight Sweep
Militant Chieftain
Northpoint Captain
Red Bramman
Shadowfen Priest
Stalwart Ally
Thorn Histmage
Tree Minder
Watch Commander
Wrothgar Artisan
Yew Shield

Icon legends intelligence Intelligence cardsEdit

Ash Servant
Ayrenn (Legends)
Baron of Tear
Camlorn Hero
Crown Quartermaster
Cunning Ally
Divayth Fyr (Legends)
Elusive Schemer
Expert Atromancer DWD
Farsight Nereid
Fate Weaver
Fate's Witness DWD
High King Emeric (Legends)
High Rock Summoner
Mace of Encumbrance
Master of Arms
Mentor's Ring
Merric-at-Aswala (Legends)
Nahkriin, Dragon Priest
Palace Conspirator
Queen Barenziah
Royal Sage
Shocking Wamasu
Shrieking Harpy
Skywatch Vindicator
Stealer of Secrets
Student of Arms
Studium Headmaster
Supreme Atromancer
Tome of Alteration
Uupse Fyr (Legends)

Icon legends neutral Neutral cardsEdit

Barded Guar
Dark Harvester
Dwarven Sphere
Forsworn Guide
Frenzied Witchman
Halls of the Dwemer
Mechanical Ally
Odahviing (Legends)
Ravenous Crocodile
Spider Worker
Stronghold Eradicator
Vicious Dreugh

Icon legends strength Strength cardsEdit

Afflicted Alit (Legends)
Alik'r Survivalist
Allena Benoch
Assassin's Bow (Legends)
Bangkorai Butcher
Belligerent Giant
Bone Bow (Legends)
Dread Clannfear
Dremora Markynaz
Earthbone Spinner
Falinesti Reaver
Grahtwood Ambusher
Merric-at-Aswala (Legends)
Mighty Ally
Militant Chieftain
Morkul Gatekeeper
Orc Clansman (Legends) DWD
Quicksilver Crossbow
Rift Thane (Legends)
Riften Pillager
Savage Ogre
Sharpshooter Scout
Silvenar Tracker
Skaven Pyromancer
Triumphant Jarl
Valenwood Huntsman
Vigilant Giant
Wood Orc Headhunter (Legends)

Icon legends willpower Willpower cardsEdit

Ahnassi (Legends)
Aldmeri Patriot
Ayrenn (Legends)
Cloudrest Illusionist
Dawnbreaker (Legends)
Eastmarch Crusader
General Tullius
Golden Saint
Imperial Siege Engine
Legion Praefect
Loyal Housecarl
Miraak, Dragonborn
Pack Wolf
Penitus Oculatus Agent
Pillaging Tribune
Priest of the Moons (Legends)
Ravenous Hunger
Renowned Legate
Resolute Ally
Rift Thane (Legends)
Rising Legate
Scouting Patrol (Legends)
Skywatch Vindicator
Spiteful Dremora
Sunhold Medic

Related cardsEdit

Bruma Armorer
Chanter of Akatosh
Imprisoned Deathlord
Soul Split


  • The specific actions of the Summon keyword for each card are detailed in the card description.