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Summon is a magic effect that temporarily calls forth a servant creature to fight alongside the caster. This effect is a member of the Conjuration school of magic, governed by the Intelligence attribute. Summon has a duration, but does not consist of a magnitude, area, or range.

Summoned servants are typically undead or Daedra, but in some instances can be a Centurion Sphere, Fabricant (in Tribunal), or animal (in Bloodmoon). Multiple servants can be summoned simultaneously if they do not originate from the same source (different spells, scrolls, items, or combinations can be used at the same time). Summonings appear in front of the caster, and are prone to accidental damage. They will turn hostile towards the summoner if sufficiently wounded.

Despite their magical origin, summoned servants are not soulless. Their souls can be captured with a soul gem to be used for enchantments, and are equal in value to their non-summoned counterparts.

A summoned servant can be killed by damage occurred during battle, or when the effect's duration expires. A deceased servant remains in this realm for a brief period of time (during which the corpse can be looted) before it disappears. Be weary of the bug listed below when looting a summoned creature.

There are twenty variations of the effect:


The following spells include a Summon effect. They may incorporate additional effects – see articles for details.

Summon Spells
Spell Creature(s) MagickaIcon Duration Base ID
Bone Guard Skeletal Minion 7 10 bone guard
Call Bear BM Grizzly Bear 68 45 BM_summonbear
Call Wolf BM Wolf 68 45 BM_summonwolf
Dwemer Animunculi Centurion Sphere 75 120 summon_centurion_unique
Ghost Guard Ancestor Ghost 11 30 ghost guard
Hand of Endus Flame and Storm Atronachs 468 90 hand of endus
Summon Ancestral Ghost Ancestor Ghost 21 60 summon ancestral ghost
Summon Bonelord Bonelord 75 60 summon bonelord
Summon Bonewolf BM Bonewolf 45 30 bm_summonbonewolf
Summon Clannfear Clannfear 66 60 summon clanfear
Summon Daedroth Daedroth 96 60 summon daedroth
Summon Dremora Dremora 84 60 summon dremora
Summon Flame Atronach Flame Atronach 69 60 summon flame atronach
Summon Frost Atronach Frost Atronach 81 60 summon frost atronach
Summon Golden Saint Golden Saint 165 60 summon golden saint
Summon Greater Bonewalker Greater Bonewalker 45 60 summon greater bonewalker
Summon Hrelvesuu Hrelvesuu 3,900 600 sp_nchurdamzsummon
Summon Hunger Hunger 87 60 summon hunger
Summon Least Bonewalker Least Bonewalker 39 60 summon least bonewalker
Summon Scamp Scamp 36 60 summon scamp
Summon Skeletal Minion Skeleton 39 60 summon skeleton minion
Summon Storm Atronach Storm Atronach 114 60 summon storm atronach
Summon Winged Twilight Winged Twilight 156 60 summon winged twilight
Wrath of Endus Flame and Storm Atronachs 468 90 wrath of endus


The following items are enchanted with a Summon effect. They may incorporate additional effects – see articles for further details.


Enchanted Armor and Shields
Item Type Armor Class Creature(s) Duration Item ID
Bloodworm Helm Helmet Heavy Skeletal Minion 30 bloodworm_helm_unique
Gothren's Cephalopod Helm Helmet Light Dremora 120 cephalopod_helm_HTNK
Spirit of Indoril Shield Light Ancestor Ghost 60 spirit of indoril


Enchanted Clothing and Jewelry
Item Type Creature(s) Duration Item ID
Amulet of Igniis Amulet Flame Atronach 60 amulet of igniis
Ancestor's Amulet Amulet Ancestor Ghost 60 summon ancestor amulet
Ancestor's Ring Ring Ancestor Ghost 60 ancestor's ring
Amulet of Shades Amulet Bonewalker 60 amulet of shades
Aryon's Helper * Right Glove Flame Atronach 120 aryongloveright
Frost Atronach 90
Storm Atronach 60
Barilzar's Mazed Band TR Ring Verminous Fabricant 60 mazed_band_end
Bone Charm Amulet Skeletal Minion 60 bone charm
Bone Guard Belt Belt Skeletal Minion 10 bone guard belt
Ghost Charm Amulet Ancestor Ghost 60 ghost charm
Graveyard Amulet Amulet Skeletal Minion 60 graveyard charm
Nervion Ancestor Ring Ring Ancestor Ghost 60 Expensive_Ring_01_HRDT
Scamp Slinker Belt Belt Scamp 60 scamp slinker belt

* Simultaneously summons three servants.


Enchanted Scrolls
Item Creature(s) Duration Item ID
Messenger Scroll Scamp 60 sc_messengerscroll
Milyn Faram's Scroll Daedroth 120 sc_summondaedroth_hto
Scroll of Summon Flame Atronach Flame Atronach 60 sc_summonflameatronach
Scroll of Summon Frost Atronach Frost Atronach 60 sc_summonfrostatronach
Scroll of Summon Golden Saint Golden Saint 60 sc_summongoldensaint
Scroll of Summon Skeleton Skeletal Minion 60 sc_summonskeletalservant


Enchanted Weapons
Item Type Creature(s) Duration Item ID
Ancestral Wisdom Staff Blunt 2H Ancestor Ghost 100 steelstaffancestors_ttsa
Boethiah's Walking Stick Blunt 2H Ancestor Ghost 60 boethiah's walking stick
Scourge Blunt 1H Dremora and Scamp 30 spear_mercy_unique
Spear of Bitter Mercy Spear Storm Atronach 30 spear_mercy_unique
Staff of Carnal Channeling BM Blunt 2H Bonewalker 30 bm_ebony_staff_necro
Staff of the Forefathers Blunt 2H Ancestor Ghost 60 staff of the forefathers
Steel Staff of the Ancestors Blunt 2H Ancestor Ghost 60 steel staff of the ancestors


  • Although the in-game description states, "if summoned in town, the guards will attack you and the summoning on sight," this is untrue.


This section contains bugs related to Summon (Morrowind). Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

  1. Please reload an old save to confirm if the bug is still happening.
  2. If the bug is still occurring, please post the bug report with the appropriate system template  360  / XB1  ,  PS3  / PS4  ,  PC  / MAC  ,  NX  , depending on which platform(s) the bug has been encountered on.
  3. Be descriptive when listing the bug and fixes, but avoid having conversations in the description and/or using first-person anecdotes: such discussions belong on the appropriate forum board.
  • When searching the remains of a summoned creature following its death, using the "Dispose of Corpse" button conflicts with the script that causes the remains to disappear, causing the game to hang.


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